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The Basics of Bitcoin

The Basics of Bitcoin for Beginners

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Mar 5, 2020
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You might have heard about cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin. Many people go on and on about it and bitcoin mining. Let’s understand some basics about how it works so that you can understand the model.

The way we perceive, process, and verify information has been changed by the Blockchain. The applications of the concept of Blockchain and what it brings to the table are still being explored in various industrial verticals.

The most high-impact and powerful blockchain applications have been built on the Bitcoin model. If you are thinking of investing in Bitcoin, then the easiest way to buy or sell any form of digital currency is through verified online platforms. If you do not have the initial investment sum, you can always take a short term loan from an online loan service, like 24Cash. Before you go ahead with it though, let’s talk about how it works.

Blockchain is basically a chain of blocks of transactions of bitcoins. When you are sending a bitcoin, it virtually means you are adding your transaction onto the blockchain, the blockchain is around 107 GB of data (2016).

So How Does Bitcoin Actually Work?

  • First of all, Bitcoin or any other currency in this domain is not downloaded or uploaded anywhere.
  • All transactions implemented with Bitcoin are recorded in a register or ledger, which is globally shared across the extensive peer-to-peer bitcoin network.
  • Each transaction has to be verified and approved.
  • This is executed on computers hooked on to the network by a global volunteer group.
  • There is no “main server” or “headquarters” for this network, hence no single point attack can bring the system down.
  • Post verification and clearance by the volunteers, these transactions are subsequently stored in what is called a “block.”
  • The next set of transactions is linked to this block with another block, and consequently forms a “chain.”
  • Each subsequent block validates the block before it, ultimately creating a verified and time-stamped “blockchain” of information that cannot be altered without rendering it obsolete.
  • The “register” or blockchain can be accessed by anybody at any point in time on a computer.

Final Thoughts

The reason bitcoin has value and credibility is that it is finite. Every Bitcoin in existence is a reward that is given to a miner for updating the blockchain. It is not easy to cheat the system as there is no central authority.

That being said, bitcoin mining isn’t for everyone. It requires a lot of computational power, to begin with. As a beginner, your safe bet is to buy and sell it on online platforms. Keep researching and learning before you delve into this investment channel.

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