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Tether Decides to Donate $1M for Hurricane Dorian Victims

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Sep 10, 2019
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Hurricane Dorian has left 400,000 people destitute in the Bahamas, and the Tether company has announced that it will donate $1 million to help the victims of this natural disaster.

Tether revealed that the funds will be donated through a non-profit charitable organization called Deltec Cares, that is working towards helping the victims in the Bahamas region.

It should be noted that this is the first charity event in which Tether has ever contributed. The USDT issuer is also in a banking collaboration with Deltec Bank & Trust Limited, that has its main office in The Bahamas.

Tether has urged its investors to make their Tether (USDt) donations at the following two addresses: USDt Omni and USDt ERC-20.

We are humbled to play a part in Bahamian reconstruction efforts and to help those in need in The Bahamas. Tether has also set up an address for donations in Tether (USDt) that will help Bahamian communities recover from the tragedy. We invite our clients to support the relief effort by giving USDt to these addresses:

USDt Omni: 12Rfdk9N2rNpQYqKzcALnZsoKjTG1if2V3

USDt ERC-20: 0x424993354510156DE7AB3C15aa5CbFE657e7aB78

All contributions will be sent to Deltec Cares (in USDt or, preferred, in cash) to help those in need recover from the devastation,” stated the Tether company.

Following Binance Charity’s Initiative

On September 5th, cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s charity division also started its fundraising campaign to offer aid to the people affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Binance Charity accepts donations in Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB), and Bitcoin (BTC). The wallet dedicated to raising funds has amassed 0.6 BTC (worth around $6,000) so far, and more funds are expected to be deposited. Local groups will be managing the charity initiative.

Binance Charity will use the funds to supply necessities such as food and has assured donors that the entire process will be transparent as the donations and disbursements will only be done via blockchain.

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