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TECH Conference Summer Edition (Virtual) Becomes a 2-Day Event

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May 7, 2021
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TECH Conference Europe Summer Edition will connect more industries and like-minded professionals than ever by extending the event over 2 days.

The Summer Edition of TCE will take place between 15-16 June and will be hosted once again in the virtual format.

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The team at Hipther Agency has set the bar high with the Spring Edition where it has streamed over 9 hours of live conference and has reached over 20k viewers. (View the recording here)

The draft agenda includes the following topics that will be discussed in panel discussions by +80 experts:

  • Wearing Tech and Looking Good: Physical form vs. Digital experience in FashionTech
  • Immersivity in the Gaming Industry: 2021 vs. The FutureVoice Tech: Conversational AI, Chatbots, Virtual Assistants and Voice for Business
  • VR in Culture and Arts: How to modernly approach the classics?
  • Medical XR: The Haptic Experiences
  • Educating the educators: XR and EdTech
  • RƎ:volution: Industry 4.0
  • Driving the future: how is the Automotive industry reshaped by AI and AR/VR?
  • Neo Banks – what’s the next big thing in the Fintech sector?
  • Executive Outlook 2021

The program also includes the following keynote presentations:

  • Play as anyone – Taking the N out NPC
  • The Nexgen Mobility
  • Designing the future of Augmented Reality

Among the already confirmed speakers you can find:

  • Peter Szabo – Initiale
  • Andreea Centea – Loop Virtual Reality Solutions
  • Kris Rekers – MedraVR
  • Vitomir Jevremovic – VR All Art
  • Marko Savkovic – HTC
  • Lorna Inman – Lorna Inman Art
  • Robin de Lange – Virtual Reality Learning Lab
  • MF Yang Chen – The Ohio State University
  • Robin de Lange – Virtual Reality Learning Lab
  • Tal Itzhak Ron – Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., Law Firm
  • Motti Peer – ReBlonde
  • Emily Helmer – Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.
  • Marius Galdikas – ConnectPay
  • Jovita Gabniene – Ellex Valiunas
  • Stefania Barbaglio – Cassiopeia Services
  • Errol Koolmeister – H&M Group
  • James Simpson – Copper Candle / Rose Bruford College
  • Capt.L.C. Arrigo Garipoli – BlueQbit
  • JP Fabri – Seed
  • Shariq Hashmi – ZedXe Ecosystem
  • Marek Kopanicky – SARIO
  • Cheryl Akner-Koler – Konstfack
  • Eugene Palcheuski – Tap2Pay
  • Stefania Barbaglio – Cassiopeia Services
  • Konrad Gill – ViARsys
  • Kristaps Dobrajs – ConnectPay
  • Justinas Badaras – Bankera
  • Dr. Simon Planzer – PLANZER LAW
  • Rufus Lidman  – Aiar
  • Dr. Simon Planzer – PLANZER LAW
  • Greta Bujute – Danske Bank
  • Dr. Robin Kiera – Digitalscouting
  • Sonke Kirchhof – INVR.SPACE
  • Felix Negoita – Cognizant Softvision
  • Olga Goudsmit – Solve.Care
  • Dean Rakic – TAAL Distributed Technologies
  • Henrik Fabrin – BotXO
  • Marko Savkovic – HTC
  • Stefan Stamate – Loop Virtual Reality Solutions
  • Dr. Silvia Cristina Stegaru – Codette
  • Jaka Repansek – Hipther Agency
  • Liviu Totolici – Ubisoft

The team is honored to announce the main sponsors of the conference, Singular and Bankera.

For further inquiries about the attending/sponsoring options, make sure to send an e-mail to Andrada Bota (B2B Sales Executive at Hipther Agency).

Among the supporters of the conference, you will also find WESTRIVEUP and U.Today as strategic partners, and many leading media outlets you can check in media partners section here.

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For speaking and media-related inquiries, please contact Alexandru Marginean (Marketing Specialist at Hipther Agency).

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