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Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley” will test blockchain technology within the voting system, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Between 25 June and 1 July, citizens will be able to download the mobile application and make the registration.  The city of Zug is known to be the most famous and largest crypto hub in Europe. Dubbed as “Crypto Valley,” the city is an agglomeration of blockchain-based startups.

Participants in the vote will be asked to answer if they consider digital identification suitable for parking payments and book rentals, as well in future elections. Note that the voting process is just an experiment, and the results will not be revealed. The purpose of the city is to identify the influence of blockchain technology and the level at which it can be used.

Zug is known for its launch of eIDs in autumn 2017 with the aim of providing access to council features. During the action, users had full access to the services. The voting experiment will be the country’s “first electronic polling test“. The government authorities hope two-thirds of the country’s population to get involved in the voting trial until Q4 of 2019.

However, the Zug ID system is not the one and only in the country. Another similar project was launched in Canton Schaffhausen in collaboration with Procivis. The future system to be launched will provide citizens with information on tax, social assistance, and other departments. The services will be available for both individuals and businesses.

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