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Super Crypto Conference – Virtual Southeast Asia Blockchain Conference

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Jun 4, 2021
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Unveil the potential of Blockchain with the most ambitious Virtual Blockchain Summit in Southeast Asia.

Super Crypto Conference is a full day program curated by SuperCryptoNews. We’re running our inaugural virtual blockchain conference for an audience of Tech/FinTech/Blockchain companies, key opinion leaders, media companies and blockchain/crypto enthusiasts.

Our goal is to build awareness around the broad array of opportunities in the blockchain and crypto space, from Southeast Asia and beyond.

If you are:

  • A person who works in industries that Blockchain has been applied into
  • A FinTech expert or hitchhiker who wants to guide other people into the Blockchain world
  • An amateur investor who is looking for potential opportunities to get profit from cryptocurrency in the COVID pandemic landscape
  • A newbie who wants to learn more about this frontier technology but don’t know how to start

Then you are invited to the Super Crypto Conference. Be a pioneer in discovering how Blockchain is revolutionizing businesses, industries and even individuals in Southeast Asia.

With our event, you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest news and applications in the landscape, gain perspectives and insights on developments in the SEA region, and meet with FinTech experts from Asia’s leading financial and technology companies.

Agenda Themes

Building Blockchain for Southeast Asia: With over 650 million people, find out how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the Southeast Asian region and creating new markets and opportunities

Cryptocurrencies remain one of the hottest conversation topics: Listen to insights from industry professionals and learn the lingo to speak about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology like a seasoned Pro

How High Can Bitcoin Go?: Hear from investors and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia and gain insight into how much they think Bitcoin will be worth not just this year, but even 10 years from now.

Main Topics

  • Blockchain in Finance and DeFi
  • Bitcoin in 2021
  • Blockchain in Gaming/Art & NFTs
  • Roles of NFTs in DeFi
  • Institutional Interest in Crypto and Defi
  • Blockchain Applications and Adoption in the Industry
  • SEA Legal & Regulatory Landscape
  • Internet of Money: CBDC

Confirmed Speakers Line-up:

  1. Jeffrey Zirlin – Co-Founder, AXIE INFINITY
  2. Irina Karagyaur – Head Ambassador for Western Europe, POLKADOT
  3. Ajit Tripathi – Head of Institutional Business, AAVE
  4. Alon Gorem – Founding Partner, DRAPER GOREN HOLM
  5. Patrick Tan – CEO & General Counsel, NOVUM ALPHA
  6. Dinis Guarda – Author | Founder & CEO, ZTUDIUM
  7. Marisa Mcknight – Head of Product, LIQUID, JAPAN
  8. Peko Wan – Chief Ecosystem Officer – PUNDI X
  9. Long Vuong – CEO & Founder, TOMOCHAIN
  10. Pavel Bains – CEO, BLUZELLE
  11. Felix Mago, Co-founder, DASHNEXT
  12. Dr. Chung Dao – CEO, ORAICHAIN
  13. Allan Ta, Co-founder, ROSEON FINANCE
  14. Robert Vong – CTO & Co-founder, Parthlabs

See full of our speakers line-up:

  • Date: Thursday, 17th June 2021
  • Time: 15:00 – 22:00 (UTC+8)

Registration link:

To know more about SCC, please contact us at:

Join now or you will miss the only chance to explore necessary conversations in the blockchain/crypto space.

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