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Indonesia hosts a new project based on blockchain technology. A startup’s idea aims to improve the voting process.

The pilot project will be available in a mobile version

The project is led by Horizon State and will be released in July 2018 on the Sumatra Island, according to Nimo Naamani, one of the company’s founders. The platform created by Horizon State will be available in a mobile version and will have as a feature the “decentralized decision making and community engagement,” Naamani reports.

Besides the way it will initially work, the company wants to extend the functionality of the mobile application to the voting process in order to eliminate the forgeries and electoral fraud.

Through the platform, we can provide communities with tools to increase engagement and discussions. Through our partners, we can provide the constituency with additional benefits such as access to financial services on a micro-level – something that’s not so easy with existing banking infrastructure,” Naamani stated.

The platform will be launched on the Sumatra Island

The launch will take place on the Sumatra Island, Indonesia, but Horizon State plans to expand its mobile app throughout Indonesia as soon as possible. “Once this is done, I believe additional expansions into more provinces and communities will happen throughout 2019,” Naamani said.

Given that Indonesian government currently doesn’t show a major interest in creating a technological environment for companies based in this industry, Naamani has mentioned that he will consider the idea of pursuing the platform’s activities in several domains, including the voting process.

We’re seeing a surge of interest from organisations that want to use blockchain-based community engagement to drive progress forward,” Naamani noted.

To launch the mobile application based on blockchain technology, Horizon State collaborates with crypto startup MCV-CAP, as well as other companies whose name will be later disclosed.

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