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Without a doubt 2018 is a very interesting even though not exactly easy year for cryptocurrencies. However, despite the accentuated bear market, various crypto projects stand out from the crowd as positive examples.

One such positive example is Stellar (XLM), a cryptocurrency project that has recently achieved an incredible milestone – that of 1 million active accounts. Up until now, Stellar has achieved over 3,300 assets, 25 million payments, and 8 million trades, as described by the official Stellar Lumens Twitter channel.

The announcement was made via Twitter by retweeting a post from OrbitLens that also contains a very comprehensive chart depicting the increase in number of accounts over a period of almost one year starting from October 2017.

Various other noteworthy partnerships and achievements

Stellar has had a very proficient year, with various praiseworthy achievements under its belt. For example, in June this year, Stellar acquired Chain, a San Francisco-based start-up specialized in building blockchain tech specially tailored for the financial industry. This helped Stellar’s expansion by providing access to various financial entities to digitally transfer money or other assets.

The firm has also announced an exciting partnership with IBM. The partnership’s main goal is to allow banks to perform transactions using Lumens, as well as to convert Lumens into local fiat currency based on various local market markers.

Stellar has also made headlines when it introduced an ATM network in Singapore. The concept aims to help people who are not very familiarized with the crypto world better understand the technology behind it and how to use it for their own benefit.

Another noteworthy achievement for Stellar comes in the form of it being named Sharia-compliant by the Shariyah Review Board (SRB) for payments and asset tokenization. This made Stellar the first project of its sort to be certified as a Sharia-compliant digital currency, which should help the company increase its popularity within various Muslim communities and in the Middle East areas.

Taking everything into account, it seems that Stellar has a very good year and shows no signs of stopping. If Stellar wasn’t on your list of companies to keep an eye on for future investment, then these latest events will possibly change your mind.

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