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“Excited to be supporting this initiative” – the words of Ethereum (ETH) founder Vitalik Buterin in regards to the announcement of a new blockchain research center headquartered at Standford University.

The Ethereum Foundation will be joined by other blockchain startups such as Polychain Capital in supporting Stanford’s innovative blockchain research and education center.

Stanford University’s new blockchain research center

According to a press release on Stanford Engineering’s website, the research center will focus on developing traditional business interactions. The center will bring together university scientists and blockchain professionals to “develop best practices for this burgeoning and potentially transformative field.”

The center will be led by two passionate professors of computer science, David Mazieres and Dan Boneh. According to the post, crypto security expert Dan Boneh stated that “blockchains will become increasingly critical to doing business globally.”

“Stanford should be at the forefront of efforts to improve, apply and understand the many ripple effects of this technology […] Once you get into details you quickly realize that this area will generate many Ph.D. theses across all of computer science and beyond,” the professor further stated. The center will cover all bases of blockchain research, but it’s also expected to innovate the classical curriculum by creating blockchain implementation courses.

Blockchain education soon to be a thing

Such blockchain-related classes have seen a fair share of interest at other universities around the globe. For example, according to Business Insider Australia, RMIT, an Australian public research university has launched the country’s first university Blockchain course. The University of California, Berkeley also announced that it will provide a blockchain certificate program.

Ethereum isn’t the only blockchain platform that’s making moves in this sector, as Ripple (XRP) just recently donated $50 million to seventeen universities to boost blockchain research and support blockchain education programs.

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