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One of the Asian influential gaming companies has bought Bitstamp, the giant crypto exchange and one of the world’s first Bitcoin platforms.

According to reports made public by Business Insider, the price for such an acquisition has reached about $ 350 million dollars.

Nexon, an important gaming player in Asia, has decided to buy Bitstamp, ranked 10th in the world, according to traded volumes. The most sold cryptocurrencies through the platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Bitstamp is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange

Slovenian-based Bitstamp was launched in 2011 as the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform. In order to have access to a wider market and permissible regulation for business development, Bitstamp moved to the UK in 2013. Ultimately, the company settled in Luxembourg in 2016.

Currently, the crypto exchange pilot is present in all 28 EU countries, thanks to an authorized permission from the Luxembourg government authorities. The company has legal rights to carry out its business anywhere in the 28 countries.

Nexon wants to adopt a crypto system

South Korean-based Nexon plans to integrate cryptocurrency into gaming network. Being an important player in the world, the company seeks to adapt to user requirements and technological changes. By implementing a new crypto system, Nexon wants to increase the company’s profitability level, but also its notoriety.

According to the traded volume registered in South Korea, we can say that citizens continue to be involved in crypto activities even though the legislative system has undergone numerous transformations since December 2017.

South Korea remains the world’s third active country from the crypto industry perspective.

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