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The Japanese giant Sony may adopt blockchain technology to keep digital data, according to the patent posted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The document published on 26th April 2018 describes the existing system as an old-fashioned one. Sony refers to the Digital Rights Management (DRM) storage operations, the solutions that “may not be very reliable and rely on a unique point of failure. If the rights provider locks out of business or otherwise fails, the user loses all the acquired content.

According to the patent, users will be able to check the information in real time about their purchases, without the risk of losing access.

The Digital Right Management is a limited tech system. Thus, only those who purchase access have digital rights to verify stored information.

The patent was submitted by Sony and Sony Pictures Entertainment. An example of the integration of the blockchain technology solution described in the document is the “movie industry“.

In addition, Sony is planning to use blockchain technology to take over rights to “various types of content or other data such as movies, television, video, music, audio, games, scientific data, medical data, etc.

The patent published by USPTO clearly specifies several ways to use blockchain technology. In one of these, user rights will be stored on encoded block nodes. The concept is simple: the network starts with individual blocks and when the user acquires a movie, for example, the rights will be transferred and stored on a blockchain, the main network.

At the same time, the Digital Rights Management system “would verify the rights in the blockchain and then decrypt the media when needed.”

If the tech giant decides to adopt the new system, Sony will take up definitely new positions in the tech industry.

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