Social Network Freldo Will Hold ICO. What Attracts Investors to Its Tokens?

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Aug 2, 2018
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Social network Freldo intends to attract $ 10 million investments. To this end, from 17 August to 17 September 2018 will be held ICO, to take part in which anyone can. What will the borrowed funds be used for and why are the companies confident that the proposed tokens will be of interest to investors? We tried to understand the situation and answer these important questions.

Freldo – a unique project with a huge potential for development

From the very beginning Freldo was created as a public social network, a unique platform on which representatives of medium and small businesses can freely communicate with their customers without any restrictions.

In fact, Freldo works in the interests of both sellers and consumers. The idea is that the business can fully represent its services and goods, and consumers could choose the product that most fully meets their needs for both quality and price.

The Freldo network works successfully in Canada and the USA. Communication between participants is based on trust. In particular, the main advantage of Freldo was that there are no fake reviews. If one of the customers praises the service provider for a good job, then you can be absolutely sure that this is:

  • A real person who used the services of this entrepreneur.
  • A person who gives an objective evaluation of the order fulfilled and recommends the same specialist to his friends.

Communication in Freldo is based on complete trust. By itself, this fact has already turned the social network into a unique phenomenon in the modern online space. After all, it’s no secret that marketers often abuse the Internet and mislead the audience. Freldo managed to eliminate this problem.

However, the developers decided not to stop there. Introducing new technologies, they plan to turn Freldo into a global network in the near future. The idea is to collect millions of small entrepreneurs and a huge number of clients on one site. As a result, if you want to use the services of a specialist living in a nearby street, you will do it in one click. But if the service can be provided online, the entrepreneur will not find it difficult to find a client even on another continent.

Modern technology allows you to work in this mode. It’s about blockade and smart contracts, thanks to which any transactions become safe for both the seller and the buyer. The first one can be absolutely sure that he will receive payment for his work, the second – that for his money he will receive the service he orders.

The atmosphere of trust created in Freldo is also useful for both sides. Business representatives already save money on advertising and can offer their services at lower prices.

Modern technologies offer new opportunities

The use of modern technologies allows developers of the Freldo network to offer new services for both small businesses and ordinary consumers. Some of them are already available. But in the future, when the company receives the necessary capital and experienced specialists introduce new developments, the opportunities of a unified platform for sellers and buyers will grow incredibly.

According to the plans of the authors of the project Freldo will be filled with unique services that make life easier for all network members. Already, they can use convenient filters and sorting, using which, sellers are easier to convey information about themselves to potential customers, and buyers – to find the right service providers. In addition, members of the Freldo network are offered:

  • Receive awards for both objective feedback about suppliers, and for attracting new customers, to earn by participating in affiliate programs.
  • Open a private room, in which functions are available, useful for both sellers and buyers.
  • To take advantage of ratings for authors of publications, showing the degree of confidence in them.
  • Track the status of the order and the progress of work in real time.
  • Use the optimal dispute resolution system, etc.

Separate attention is required to issue its own crypto currency Freldo Coin (FRECN), which should soon become not only a convenient means of payment within the network, but also a profitable tool for investment.

Further development of the Freldo network will be possible, thanks to the use of block technologies and smart contracts. However, for their implementation, it is still necessary to conduct serious work, which can only be performed by experienced specialists. That is, we need investments that Freldo plans to receive with the help of ICO.

When will it be possible to invest in Freldo?

July 16, 2018 is scheduled PRE-ICO, which will last until August 16. The term of the ICO is from August 17 to September 17, 2018 (the beginning of the sale is at 12:00 (GMT) on July 16, 2018). Tokens can be purchased for ETH (Ethereum).

The ICO will be considered valid if at least $ 2 million will be attracted within the specified time. However, the organizers plan to raise $ 20 million. At that, the sale of tokens will be stopped if the volume of attracted capital reaches $ 40 million.

ICO participants are provided with a flexible system of discounts. Thus, during the Pre-ICO, tokens can be purchased for 50% of the nominal value. At this stage it is planned to place no more than 10% of tokens.

Further the principle operates: the earlier the buyer of tokens comes, the greater bonus he will receive:

  • From 1 till 7 day of ICO – bonus 20%.
  • From 8 till 12 day – 15%.
  • From 13 till 18 day – 10%.
  • From 19 till 25 day – 5%.

Bonuses are also provided depending on the amount of capital invested by one participant:

  • 15-70 ETH – bonus 2%.
  • 70-300 ETH – 5%.
  • More than 300 ETH – 10%.

According to preliminary estimates, after the ICO, the cost of the tokens will grow significantly above the nominal value. In particular, this will happen because Freldo tokens will continue to work within the network. They can pay for goods and services, use them as a reward, exchange for other assets, etc.

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