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shivom trading now on kucoin

Crypto-savvy investors with eyes on the future of healthcare need not wait any longer, as KuCoin will list Shivom on its platform today at 6 PM Hong Kong time.

Traders will be able to make deposits and trade OmiX on KuCoin. As far as trading pairs are concerned, traders have the options of trading either BTC or ETH for OmiX.

What You Need to Know About Shivom

Shivom is the world’s largest genomic data hub, and it allows individuals to donate their DNA data for research purposes. In order to help the healthcare sector grow, each time their data is used, the system offers rewards.

The platform is capable of creating and deploying smart contracts for various objectives, and it even allows dApp development. In terms of security, Shivom employs a proof of liability algorithm. The algorithm is responsible for ensuring that no one uploads false data or data that does not belong to them. It does so by adding unique, encrypted IDs to every genome linked to the owner’s DNA.

All the information is therefore submitted in total anonymity. Researchers can filter out or locate genomes based on their origin and even access the genomes history (i.e. to see if someone has used it before). The unique IDs remain the same, even if the genomes are re-sequenced.

The platform is designed to be as intuitive as possible, making it possible even for less experienced users to profit from everything it has to offer without the need of extensive knowledge about blockchain technology or genomic science. Users can make use of different attributes to access various services on the platform. Additionally, they can also access services using a virtual identity, ensuring that their true identity stays hidden while the required information is revealed.

Shivom’s main goal is to facilitate healthcare and research development by providing its users with quick access to genomic information, as well as to improve the security and privacy within the niche. The Shivom Token (OmiX) is the primary medium for transactions on the platform. With its help, anyone (individuals, companies, and research organizations) can pay for any of the products or services offered through the platform.

What You Need to Know About KuCoin

Launched on September 2017, KuCoin is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange. It’s relatively similar to Binance, and it uses KuCoin Shares (KCS). The main thing to note here is the fact that you get a partial refund on exchange fees each time you use the KuCoin tokens.

One of the main highlights of this service is the fact that it’s more accessible than other typical exchanges. The platform boasts generous referral rewards for its clients. KuCoin is also famous for hosting noteworthy tokens well before they are available on other mainstream crypto exchanges. KuCoin even has a list of coins that will soon find their way onto the platform.

Some of the most important names associated with KuCoin are that of CEO Michael Gan, COO Erick Don, President of Business Operations John Lee, Chief Legal Consultant Linda Lin, Operations, and Maintenance Director Kent Li, and marketing Director Jack Zhu.

There are approximately 200 million of KCS tokens currently in circulation. It’s estimated that there will soon be only 100 million left since the company aims to buy half of them. 70 million tokens (35%) are comprised out of various possessions, 30 million (15%) belong to financial specialists and other industry big names, and the remaining half of 100 million are available for open trade.

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