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Chinese multinational tech firm and online service provider Xunlei Limited has released a new distributed file system dedicated to guiding blockchain platforms.

According to the official announcement made on Friday, the blockchain-based file system is supported by the ThunderChain File System (TCFS), as well as three ThunderChain Request for Comments (TRC) standards. In addition to standard features, the new system will associate the criteria used by the platform such as IPFS and filecoin and add advanced security features.

The announcement was made during an event held in Shenzhen, China, before declaring the winners of an “international blockchain application competition” that Xunlei Limited organized.

As previously reported by the media, Xunlei was preparing to release its ThunderChain in April when it announced that blockchain would provide “processing capacity in the millions of transactions per second.”

Due to impediments, the new TCFS was released this week. As stated by the company’s official, the file system is designed primarily for blockchain platforms such as ThunderChain. Thus, the system allows third parties to design the tech ecosystem using the company’s blockchain.

Xunlei CEO Lei Chen declared that the company “is committed to amplifying the power of individuals through technological innovation.

That is why we introduced ThunderChain File System and other new initiatives as we continue to help developers unleash the real value of blockchain. We are also delighted to see a large number of practical blockchain projects developed during the challenge and would like to thank everyone for their great contribution,” he added.

The company is not in its first interaction with blockchain-based features. Xunlei Limited has begun to explore this field starting October 2017. Since then, the company has been the subject of two criminal proceedings over illegal Initial Coin Offerings.

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