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A new Ethereum-based collaboration was announced these days. Some of the most influential platforms built on the ETH network are going to join together to form the Ethereum Community Fund.

The platforms we are talking about are: Cosmos, OmiseGO, Maker, Global Brain and Raiden. Five different companies that have the same purpose: to coordinate and develop the Ethereum network.

The first step of this project will be to gain an Infrastructure Grant Program. This one will assure a permanent fund for searching the solutions of the scalability issues.

About the Ethereum Community Fund

Scalability is an important characteristic for a crypto and blockchain- based platforms. Unfortunately, it is not fully developed by all of those five platforms mentioned above- yet. That’s why, one of the main purposes of ECF is to find measures for improving the platforms’ algorithms.

The project is going to experience numerous options in order to choose the most suitable one that will be dedicated to the entire Ethereum network.

About Ethereum Community Fund, the Golem’s Chief Technical Piotr Janiuk mentioned that being part of a such network will help to focus on his own projects, adding that “the more scalable Ethereum is, the less code to facilitate said scaling has to be implemented in the Golem protocol”.

Janiuk also stated that “As this will allow Golem to provide its functionality using the existing infrastructure without the need of duplicating/reimplementing parts of this infrastructure. We are aware of this, and even as we speak, we are cooperating closely with projects whose aim is to improve the infrastructure scalability.

About the ECF’s members

The team of the Ethereum Community Fund consists of “the Co-founder of Cosmos, Jae Kwon; the Founder of Golem, Julian Zawistowski; the Founder of OmiseGO, Jun Hasegawa; the Founder of Maker, Rune Christensen; and the CEO and Founder of one of Global Brain Blockchain Lab, Yasuhiko Yurimoto”.

The councilors include the Founder of ETH network Vitalik Buterin and the Executive Director of ETH Foundation- Ayako Miyaguchi.

Buterin stated that “delivering value that matches the hype should be the mantra of 2018; efforts such as the ECF which help organize the development of the ecosystem are going to help to make that possible”. With the same enthusiasm we can mention Jun Hasegawa. He argued that “One project in isolation can create a product to disrupt an industry, but by working together we can create a framework that will change the world”.

The Ethereum Community Fund seems to be a promising project, especially for ETH investors and users. Somehow, the more Ethereum– based platforms are improving, the more advanced services for clients will be available. That’s why we consider that ECF is a great project.

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