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SatoshiTango Review: Is It Scam or Not?

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Dec 3, 2018
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About SatoshiTango

SatoshiTango might not be a very popular name in the international crypto world, but it’s arguably Argentina’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Since its inception way back in 2014, just as Argentina started to make more and more headlines regarding its precarious financial situation, SatoshiTango has differentiated itself for its direct competitors thanks to the ease of use and a client-oriented business model.

In one of its most interesting market moves, SatoshiTango has innovated the whole Bitcoin delivery process by offering users the possibility of buying debit cards which could be redeemed on its online platform. The exchange is renowned for its client-orientated approach, as it allows its users to buy Bitcoin and deposit the now-defunct Argentinian pesos directly within the recipient’s bank account, and even by straightforwardly delivering cash to the user’s place of residence.

How to start using SatoshiTango

In order to benefit from everything this Argentinian cryptocurrency exchange has to offer, potential traders must first create an account. The platform provides its future traders with two options of creating and verifying an account. Users can choose between to either sign up using a typical email registration or to make use of their Facebook and Google accounts. An account provides its users with direct access to buying and selling Bitcoin, to paying bills using Bitcoin, to accept Bitcoin payments, as well as to request one of the aforementioned debit cards.

The verification process is quite straightforward, and it requires future traders to provide personal information like the full name, the date of birth, national ID or passport number, and clear photos of the said IDs.

From this point onwards, any user can start trading by accessing the “Services” section and buy and sell BTC or exchange their BTC for typical fiat currency. Regarding fees, SatoshiTango is not the cheapest exchange out there, but not the most expensive one as well. It charges 2% of every transaction, regardless of its size.

As mentioned at the start of this article, SatoshiTango is mainly focused on the Argentinian crypto market. Hence, the default funding page is set at Argentinian Pesos. To add money to their accounts, traders are required to access the “My Account” section,” and select “Fund my account.” Next, they are required to select “Bank Transfer,” and choose one of the listed payment methods. It’s worth noting that users can also fund their accounts by using USD and by selecting “International Wire Transfer.” Users can deposit a maximum of $10,000 and a minimum of $10,00. The bad news is that the deposit fee for USD accounts is $20,00 and that the minimum withdrawal amount for USD accounts is $1,000 per transaction.

Noteworthy features

When it comes to security, SatoshiTango offers its users two-factor authentication which is the default security protocol for most crypto exchanges nowadays. One of the exchange’s most important features is the fact that it offers its traders a VISA debit card. This card can be used to withdraw money from any ATM around the world.

The platform also boasts a referral program that allows users to earn a 25% off the fee for their first transaction by sharing the website with a friend. SatoshiTango also provides its users with the possibility of trading on the go via its smartphone apps for Android and iOS.


SatoshiTango is regarded as one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges in Argentina. The platform offers a very user-friendly ecosystem where traders can exchange, buy, and sell Bitcoin.

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