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One of the most influential South Korean companies in the world has officially announced about their involvement in crypto technology. We are talking about Samsung Electronics which has invested in Bitcoin Mining operations.

South Korean company has shown its interest in crypto technology by creating chips for Bitcoin mining centers.

Mining activities require investments in specific processors. To get important results in a short time, is needed more equipment. Specialists mainly use ASIC technology to create a bigger amount of cryptocurrency in a more convenient time.

Samsung is not in its first investment in chips used for certain computers’ graphics tasks. But this time, the company have officially announced that last year they have designed their own Bitcoin ASIC chip model.

Another influential company that produces ASIC chips is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. This one already has an existing base of companies to whom it sells the necessary chips for the mining digital currencies activities. According to an official report, they have earned around 400 million US dollars in the last year only from the production of these processors’ items.

For some users, the fact that a strong company like Samsung is involving in crypto operations proves that this system has a strong potential and is not a spam.

The major demand of professional developers for mining chips provides the company with a persistent clientele and growing income. But until when?

Do you think that the production of chips needed for the cryptocurrency mining activities will continue to observe an increase of demands?

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