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Great news for those who are using the Robinhood’s services. The mobile application has officially launched five new cryptocurrency trading platforms in five U.S. states.

Robinhood– one of the famous online brokerage platforms that doesn’t charge any fees, has announced yesterday, 22 February 2018 about expanding their services to five districts in the United States of America.

The luckiest five U.S. States

According to the Robinhood Blog, the residents of California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana and New Hampshire are now able to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum via the new Robinhood crypto exchanges. The company is also planning to launch another crypto trading platforms in the future, to attract more customers and investors.

Zero Fees for cryptocurrency trading 

We want to remember that Robinhood made possible to trade cryptocurrency by offering “zero commission trading” to its clients.

The Robinhood platform has experienced a significant success in the last period. They have attracted both numerous investors and customers, which has contributed to the growth of the platform’s cryptocurrency community. According to the Robinhood website, “we reached four million users and well over $100 billion in transaction volume on our brokerage platform, leading to over $1 billion in commissions saved in equity trades. With the release of Robinhood Crypto, we’re continuing our mission of making the financial system work for everyone, not just the wealthy.

About  “Robinhood Feed”

Besides the Robinhood Crypto expanding, the company have announced the launch of Robinhood Feed. This is “a brand new way to discuss cryptocurrencies, news, and market swings, in real-time with other investors on Robinhood”. Note that the feed is accessible to a limited number of persons and will be based especially on customer’s real feedback.

The Robinhood trading platform has become successful especially after the announcement of eliminating fees. By expanding its services in several U.S. states, it will surely attract more admirers.

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