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10 men were apprehended by the Dubai police for stealing AED 7 million (approximately $1.9 million USD) from a potential bitcoin buyer. The suspects were arrested less than 48 hours after the robbery was reported to the police station. Police authorities attribute this fast arrest to the artificial intelligence (AI) technology which was recently integrated in their police force.

Bitcoin Robbery Details

According to the police report, the gang trapped two brothers looking to buy bitcoin. The gang was commanded by a GCC citizen and its other members were of Asian origins. The two brothers were apparently looking to purchase bitcoins when they cross paths with the group.

The alleged culprits persuaded the brothers that they had bitcoin which they wanted to sell and arranged a meeting. The gang reportedly fooled a shop owner into procuring his shop on the alleged reason of inspecting it for a prospective purchase. It turns out, the shop owner wanted to sell his shop.

Having gained the shop for the evening, the 10-man group planned the ambush for the brothers. Some members were standing inside the shop while the others stood guard outside. As soon as the brothers went in the shop, they were ambushed by the group.

According to the director of the Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Lt. Colonel Al Joker, the thieves were armed with guns and had sharp objects on them. They succeeding in subduing the brothers and taking their money before leaving the scene. The robbery took place in the Al Muraqabbat area on the date of April 25.

Prospective Bitcoin Buyers Be Careful

Regarding the rapid arrest of the perpetrators, the Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police Major General, Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, applauded the efforts of his men. He also praised the fact that they were able to apprehend the offenders even with the lack of physical evidence from the crime scene. The commander also lauded the Analysis Center and its recently implemented AI which was used for tracking down the robbers.

Police Chief Abdullah also cautioned potential bitcoin buyers. He advised them to frequent official channels when trading cryptocurrency to avoid being victims of thefts. The stolen money has since been given back to the brothers.

Cryptocurrency thefts are not limited to the online environment. Many individuals that owned valuable crypto holdings been targeted by robbers and this case is just one of many incidents that highlight just how careful you have to be when trading with cryptocurrencies.


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