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Ripple was more recently in the spotlight, as the third digital currency in the world favored by market capitalization in the eyes of the bulls. Ripple could read a few days ago in the news, when the digital currency saw a large increase in its value, with a gain of more than 80 percent in less than twenty-four hours and more than 100 percent in seven days that value He put the coin near the 80 cents mark, a level he has not tested for a long time.

However, the value of the currency has decreased slightly, but it retains 100% of the accumulated earnings in the last seven days.

Reasons behind Ripple’s growth in value

There are several reasons why the digital currency has experienced such growth in value. Many attributed the association’s concentration to its parent company, Ripple Labs Inc., with PNC. Others attributed it to the upcoming launch of xRapid, one of Ripple’s products that XRP uses to facilitate cross-border payments.

However, Coil, a San Francisco-based company run by Ripple technical director Stefan Thomas, could also be one of the pioneers of the recent XRP rally. With Coil, the content creators of some of the larger Internet platforms can now accept tips or payments in Ripple.

The value of XRP follows a strong upward trend. The value of the last currency went from 30 cents to almost 80 cents and set a new monthly maximum for the 79 cents level before starting to set it lower. The digital currency has found a lot of resistance during its uptrend, but now it is limited to 60 cents. An advance of more than 60 cents and 68 cents is needed for the value of the currency to increase to 79 cents and 80 cents.

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