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Republia – Welcome to the Next Generation of Blockchain

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Aug 13, 2018
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Who are we?

Republia is a decentralized ecosystem, that within one project combines all operating mechanisms of blockchain technology, that are in demand in the industry. The ecosystem is based on an innovative technology, which, in turn, buttressed by a proprietary blockchain, implemented using the functional programming language — OCaml.

Republia Blockchain

Rebublia Blockchain operates according to the principle of sidechains. For now in well-known Ethereum Blockchain network operation is exposed to some risks.

Rebublia Blockchain protocol is divided into three main layers:

  • Consensus layer;
  • Transaction layer;
  • Network layer;

The separation of the protocol into layers allow to replace any layer of the protocol, without touching it entirely.

Rebublia Blockchain solves the problem of low network capacity through dynamically increasing amount of sidechains. Thus, the linear dependance of increasing and decreasing the number of sidechains is tracked, depending on amount of transactions in the network.

Republia blockchain can process number of transactions which are necessary to serve user requests and in the same time keeping network throughput on the same level.

Algorithm RdPoA+BFT

Consensus in Republia is a method of group decision making, whose purpose is to find final solutions, that are acceptable for all nodes of the network.

Consensus Republia operates on an improved algorithm Republia-Delegated-Proof-of-Authority (RdPoA) + BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance). Algorithm RPoA operates on the basis of RepubliaID verification and helps to avoid attacks, because users own unique RepubliaID, which ensures the reliability of each ecosystem participant and the confidence that one participant within the framework of voting for modernization of both technological and ideological decisions will be able to vote only once.

We solve such problems


Due to voting system, that leads to adoption the decisions by consensus, and then automated updating of the protocol among users, Republia completely solves the problem of hardforks.

SCAM projects

The expansion of the entire Republia ecosystem occurs in interrelated projects, rather than the addition of competitive ICOs. At the same time, users decide for themselves whether such a project is needed within the ecosystem or not through voting.

High volatility

The stability of the RPB coin is achieved by the Republia Bank mechanism, which affects on market fluctuations through the application of systems such as “Parking” (voluntary holding of personal funds for profit), currency interventions and an additional USDR token, which purposes to ensure the safety of user facilities through in-chain conversion of the coin RPB to this token.

Theft of user data

Republia offers a three-level security — Veracity System, and all important information is stored in CloudX — decentralized data storage.

Vulnerability of smart contracts

The Republia protocol is written on the functional programming language OCaml, as it, by supporting formal code verification, minimizes hacking of the smart contract code.

Low network bandwidth

Rebublia Blockchain consists of numerous chains and decides the problem of low network bandwidth by dynamically increasing number of sidechains.

Impact on the network by individual users

In Rebublia ecosystem, all users are equal in their capabilities and they have equally influence the development of the network due to the unique Republia ID, which, in turn, is implemented in the voting system. In this way, it guarantees one vote from one user within one voting.

Unsafe transactions

All elements of the transaction pool are checked by the nodes, with the help of this process, agreement on the transaction is achieved.

Actions of malevolent users

Rating system operates in Republia ecosystem, which aims to exclude malevolent users, which try to harm, discriminate the system or prevent other users from making decisions in Republia life.

Mechanism of functioning

All components of decentralized Republia ecosystem are created with a view to organize an honest and transparent community, that with the help of a unique concept of smart contracts, platform for creating their own projects and upgrading the entire ecosystem and convenient way of communication, will experience all benefits of blockchain technology and industry as a whole.

Republia Exchange — is a service for the exchange of assets and creation of liquidity for RPB cryptocurrency.  

Republia SC Platform — is an easy-to-use tool for generating smart contracts, that allows to create, execute and manage smart contracts based on Republia blockchain.

Republia Bank — combines principles of Central Banks and innovative technologies, automatically regulates demand and supply on stock exchanges and smooths volatility of RPB coin by balancing and automated analysis of the market situation.

Republia ICO Platform — is a platform, which provides the expansion of the entire Republia ecosystem by interrelated projects, not by the addition of competitive ICO, thereby avoiding unfair investment companies.

Republia Wallet — solves the problem of heavy wallets with 16-digit addresses, and an instant messenger with the addition of contacts that provides secure exchange between users of messages, files and also provides an opportunity to create smart contracts with contacts.

RepubliaID — allows community members to influence life of the ecosystem directly and ensures security through implementation into all parts of the global ecosystem, where it is possible to harm other Republia community members.

Republia Cloud X — is a secure storage of data and the future of the entire global ecosystem. It is a data cloud storage, where all user information is stored decentrally in an encrypted form.

RPB cryptocurrency

The internal means of payment is a RPB coin, which is characterized by a smoothed volatility. Smoothing volatility is achieved by the Republia Bank introduction, one of the main components of the economic model of decentralized ecosystem Republia.

In Republia blockchain mining is available to each participant, because the tasks of RPB production and writing them to the block are given to ordinary nodes. And the node can be any device of every participant, because the ecosystem operates on the consensus algorithm — RdPoA.

Due to the smoothed volatility, the RPB coin is provided with a gradual and stable growth, based on the popularization of the ecosystem and the phased releases of all components.


A distinctive feature for Republia project is an approach to security. We represent a multifaceted security system, that ensures security at every stage of use of ecosystem products.

Our mission


Republia provides the industry only those projects that users need, because the participants in the ecosystem decide by voting whether the proposed project is worthy or not.


Republia ecosystem is a mechanism that functions and develops by itself due to the fact that users can always make new and advanced changes to its subsystems.


Against the background of the emergence of new technologies, users do not need to switch to other systems, because the decide by general voting whether it is necessary to implement any modifications into our ecosystem.Thus, the Republia network is updated automatically, without any hard forks.


Republia implements a multi-level security system, which accompanies the user at every stage of ecosystem using and ensures the decentralized preservation of important data and information.

Republia PUBLIC SALE and Pre-SALE information

Pre-SALE: from 23.08.18 to 23.09.18.

Pre-SALE period soft cap: 500.000$

Pre-SALE period hard cap: 5.000.000$

PUBLIC SALE: from 23.11.18 to 23.12.18.

PUBLIC SALE period Soft Cap: $5.000.000

PUBLIC SALE period Hard Cap: $50.000.000

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