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The advertising industry has been facing several complexities associated with fraudulent activities and transparency. So it is now time for the advertisers, marketers, and business owners to propel their advertising strategy and shift towards a decentralized platform using the Webercoin token issued for the WebAd platform. The platform is solely designed to meet the purpose of the advertisers who are otherwise venturing out their products on the social media platform and turning it into a marketplace. WebAd offers them a platform to showcase their products to the desired target audience and expand their business. The platform uses the location of the user who is in-proximity to the business owner so that they can be reached faster.

The WebAd platform functions on the blockchain technology, which has otherwise turned all eyes with its association with the cryptocurrency. The financial world believes that the concept of blockchain if leveraged in another sector will bring about radical transformation and WebAd is indeed burgeoning with its robust blockchain based digital advertising solutions.

Blockchain has so far aided in keeping a record of the transactions that are taking place between the peers of the network, but it has the potential to benefit the advertising and media industry as well. With the help of blockchain technology, the advertisers can be assured about a reliable, high-quality data, and greater efficiency. Besides, blockchain offers transactions between two or more anonymous people at an affordable lower cost. Due to its decentralized nature, there is no access point for the hackers and failure of transactions. It further enhances the security and safety of the data.

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Moreover, blockchain is transparent, and as such, it can gain more trust which is mostly unavailable in numerous advertising and media processes. With the help of blockchain technology, users can buy and sell advanced television or digital advertisement inventory, prevent the occurrence of fraudulent activities, enable the use of smart contracts for simplifying the IO process, and many more. Thus, WebAd platform functions on this robust technology for propelling the business expansion of the micro, small, and medium-sized organizations.

Business owners will require placements for branding their products to the target audience, and in doing so; WebAd helps them with its robust platform at certain fixed rates. Advertising is an integral part of the WebAd platform, and it follows a similar pattern like Instagram and Facebook but with a cryptographic token- Webercoin (WBC) as its trading unit.

The Webercoin tokens are initiated during the token sale. Advertisers are required to use these tokens in order to purchase advertising space on the platform.  This will help in the creation of the reward mechanism, which equally distributes ownership and the revenue earned amongst the various parties. The revenue earned from the advertising will be divided equally with one half invested in WBC pool while the other half will be utilized for paying for the operations on the platform. WebAd also engages in the digital marketing and media industry and as such Webercoins are also used here by the users to avail the services. Thus with the help of Webercoin, advertisers now have the provision to directly reach to its target audience without the interference of any centralized middleman.

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