Spectiv: Pre-ICO Launch

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Dec 11, 2017
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The official launch date for Spectiv’s ICO was announced to start on the 8th of December, and so far there have been sold over 7000 ETH in Signal Tokens (SIGs). This coin offering has been widely anticipated for months. Spectiv invites purchasers from all around the globe to participate, even thos from the United States.

There is an exclusive 40% bonus offered to those that purchase Signal Tokens, so hurry up and visit the ICO portal while the offer is still available.

What are Signal Tokens?

The Signal Token protocol is a way that permits the decentralized buying, selling and rewarding of attention across media platforms by getting rid of the middleman from advertising transactions.

An advertiser can use the Signal Token Protocol via a smart contract which is connected to target content.  If the content is active, publishers, viewers and curators can interact with the advertiser through the smart contract and be awarded a SIG for bringing attention to the advertiser’s content.

Clicks and views that occur on the content are then sent to the Ad Campaign Smart Contract by a third party oracle. The smart contract then comes into effect and automatically reward the users their SIGs. Smart contracted coupled with a publicly verifiable blockchain and a trusted oracle, make this protocol a very discouraging tool for the intermediaries in the trade of advertising.

The implementation of this protocol by Specter VR has garnered real life applications which will result in an interest in adopting such technology by other platforms.

The Signal Token 1.0 protocol version supports decentralized transactions dependent on the ad-clicks that happen between publishers and advertisers. Click on the following link for more details on how the Signal Token works.

Spectiv VR

Spectiv is a global platform that lets users and companies from the media industry stream virtual reality content. This provides users with the entertainment virtual reality has to offer in the comfort of their own home. Spectiv’s purpose is to let everyone experience the intense power of VR.

Virtual reality is still a growing branch of media technology, and because of that, the Signal Token Protocol will be used to bring attention to the platform.

Check out the fully functional Spectiv VR Alpha.

Further involvements

Spectiv is programmed to appear in an episode of Innovations of the Fox Business Network. The episode will air in Q1 2018, with an audience of over 100MM.

Spectiv has purchased LiveTourLabs’s VR technologies and intellectual properties. LiveTourLabs is well-known in virtual reality advertising and will undoubtedly contribute with implementing the Signal Token Protocol.

Spectiv can be contacted at [email protected]

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