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Amaury Séchet recently released a proposal in which it discussed the possibility of implementing a protocol called “Pre-Consensus” generating an increased activity in the Bitcoin Cash Community.

The lead developer at Bitcoin ABC published the proposal on his twitter. Pre-Consensus would bring a few beneficial alterations to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, explained the developer.

“I wrote something. This is about pre-consensus, and how it can help delegate part of the decisions involved choosing consensus parameters to the market, in addition to other great benefits in term of 0-conf and scale,” tweeted Deadal Nix.

Pre-Consensus is described as being a suite of technologies that would enable the establishment of several standards with the purpose of deciding which characteristics the next block will have before it is linked to the blockchain.

Mr. Séchet remarks in a publication posted on the website, that he has been pondering on this idea for quite a while:

“Even before Bitcoin Cash was a thing, I was promoting the idea of pre-consensus. This refers to a set of technologies allowing network participants to agree as much as possible on what the next block is going to look like.

If done well, this provides significantly stronger 0-conf guarantee that we currently have, while also allowing to reach greater scale by moving work out of the critical path (if a node knows what the next block is going to look like, a lot of the validation work can be done ahead of time).”

The document is still under development, with Séchet stating that it will require more work until it reached completion. Momentarily, the draft has not seen many advancements, although its basic structure is already designed.

Séchet stated that he has been working on other tasks, but from now on he will dedicate his time to the development of Pre-consensus.

“While pre-consensus is on the roadmap since day 1, it has made close to zero progress. I cannot tell why other have not worked on it, but I know why I did not.

These years has been full of crisis to manage, of people wanting attention to get alternatives ideas move forward, the flavor of the day being tokens. While all these projects have value, it is clear that I need to ruthlessly prioritize pre-consensus.”

A majority of the community has responded positively to Séchet’s proposal. Many think that if the protocol would be implemented it would lead to the increase in adoption and functionality of BCH as well provide solutions for its scalability issues.

The CEO of and Money Button, Ryan Charles expressed his excitement regarding Séchet’s whitepaper by posting on his website:

There were also those in the community that were not so enthused about the protocol. Craig Wright strongly opposed the idea after he read the whitepaper.

 “In the end, the miners have to choose the variables. Whether it’s by voting with their hash power or by ‘protocol level pre-consensus’ – they are the ones making the educated decisions on variables (acting in their own financial interest),” tweeted Robert Williams.

 “No hash goes to this crap. They want it, they fork it, without us. Without the apps using our code, our IP etc. Without the companies we have invested in.” – responded Dr. Craig S Wright with his tweet.


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