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A new Bitcoin virus has been discovered and stole over $ 400,000 until now.

Russian media news RBC announced that Kaspersky and ESET antivirus researchers have found two fake and illegal apps that infested many users on Google Play. As it appears from the information provided by the apps, they belong to Poloniex, the cryptocurrency exchange, although Poloniex never had any app.

How Do These Fraudulent Applications Work?

Users simply download the application and enter their login data. After that, users discover that their funds on the Poloniex accounts have been stolen. It seems that, unfortunately, over 5,000 users have been fooled this way so far, and the cryptocurrency market is in alert.

Lukas Stefanko, malware researcher at ESET antivirus, warned us last week, saying that These two apps were trying to steal Poloniex credentials as well as gaining access to user emails”.

He made a presentation about this virus on the Youtube page of ESET antivirus. Stefanko recommended users to activate two-factor authentication because it is a good defense against such events and any hackers.

Although antivirus reserchers try to remove this kind of apps, the internet contains many more each time. The digital money of today’s people are no longer safe at all, cases being more and more serious.

Applications have names such as “Poloniex” or “Poloniex Exchange“. They are under the development of “Poloniex Company“, which is something very easy to believe by most of the people. This latter application recently appeared on October 15, 2017. advises you to be very careful with whom you trust with your money. Keep in mind that cyber criminals miss no opportunity to take advantage of the naivety of some users. Please inform yourself well before making any decision on this issue.

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