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It seems that the Indians are becoming increasingly involved in crypto thefts. Beside Bitcoin Ponzi scheme, Indian authorities have witnessed a case of abuse, physical violence and corruption. All these, just for one reason: Bitcoin.

An official from the Indian police authorities operating in the Gujurat state is suspected of stealing $ 1 million in Bitcoin.

According to Hindustan Times, police officer Jagdish Patel who was arrested on Sunday, April 22, 2018, is suspected of coordinating a police squad in making a Bitcoin extortion scheme. He is named guilty for $ 1 million Bitcoin theft from one of his detainees. Taking into account this situation, Inspector Anant Patel was also arrested last week for the same reason. The two guilty are to be brought in front of the judge together.

He [Jagdish Patel] is the first high-ranking officer to be linked with the case, in which 10 police personnel have already been implicated. Three police personnel and a lawyer have been arrested in this regard since March.”

At the beginning of April, Anant Patel was one of the 10 officers suspected of abduction, abuse, and corruption of detainees, forcing them to give him Bitcoin. The last known victim is Shailash Bhatt, who suffered a physical punishment and blackmail to give 200 Bitcoin to the police officer, amounting to $ 1.7 million.

The Indian authorities began an investigation against the 10 members, including Anant Patel among the team’s coordinators. The two suspects mentioned above were arrested, hovewer, they did not recognize yet whether or not Bitcoin coins were transferred to their accounts.

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