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Bitcoin’s Lightning Network was adopted by another gaming platform. First, it was Satoshi’s Place, and now- Pokétoshi.

The one who identified a new way to use Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) is software engineer João Almeida. The online platform dubbed Poketoshi gives players the chance to enjoy the famous Nintendo game in a blockchain-based way. Note that it includes a payout of 10 Satoshi per move or around $ 0.0006631 USD.

The game was designed for streaming video platform Twitch, which gives users the chance to socialize with other players through a chat room.

The Lightning Network has the role of managing the orders given by players through an automatic control system introduced by Almeida. Each command required by the them has a cost of 10 Satoshi and will be paid through the OpenNode processor.

The Bitcoin community has positively responded to the launched project by Almeida because it’s simply “cool“. At the same time, competition is sharpening, creating a rival environment. Crypto users are playing Pokétoshi especially to avoid equality between BTC’s Lightning Network and BCH. They have chosen names like “BCASH” to interact with other players remaining anonymous:

Bitcoin Cash community states that the BCH network is better engaged in resolving Bitcoin’s scalability issues, compared to its second version, which is the Lightning Network.

This project is not considered the first alternative to exploit the Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and show it in its splendor. In the same month, Satoshi’s Place was released. This is a multiplayer gaming platform that allows players to draw on it (a pixel per move). The application holds a charge for each order of 1 Satoshi. The game page has become with fast steps a battleground for BTC and BCH communities.

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