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Playboy TV(link NSFW) will be launching a new payment option that will enable customers to access its adult content with cryptocurrency.

Playboy TV is one of today’s most popular adult channels in the world, broadcasting a variety of content 24 hours a day, worldwide.

According to an announcement made yesterday, the network will start accepting a Vice Industry Token (VIT) before adding other cryptocurrencies to the list. VIT’s whitepaper specifies that it was specially designed for adult content, also having integrated a utility that can track real user engagement over its blockchain. The token is currently being issued in an initial coin offering (ICO), which will end in just five days.

The owner of Playboy TV is MindGeek, a company based in Luxembourg which focuses on Internet pornography. The channel is operated by the company through a licensing agreement with Playboy Enterprises. Playboy TV is available on cable and satellite TV in the United States, and other various countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Apart from being a cryptocurrency, VIT is also a video entertainment platform that assures a reward for every individual that accesses it. Both video producers to viewers will be able to get something each time they log onto the network. Users can also view, comment, and vote for original content on Playboy TV by using VIT on their channel.

VIT was developed by several individuals that have worked for a long time in broadcasting and adult cinema. Stuart Duncan and Kelly Holland are just two of the most important names that have the job of getting VIT to new heights. Holland is also the owner of Penthouse Broadcast.

“As the popularity of alternative payment methods continues to grow around the world, along with the reach Playboy’s digital platforms, we felt it was important to give our 100 million monthly consumers increased payment flexibility,” said the Chief Operations Officer of Licensing and Media for Playboy, Reena Patel,

Playboy TV said that it will also roll out its own crypto wallet, which will be ready to launch by the end of the year. That wallet will eventually get into all of Playboy’s other businesses, including gaming, and augmented and virtual reality. 

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