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Today, KuCoin proudly announces that another potentially great token is added to the platform. Phantasma (SOUL) is now accessible on KuCoin, and SOUL holders can start trading and depositing now.

About Phantasma Protocol

It serves as an innovative platform that defines the specification of storage and the process of delivering messages from one place to another. Sending messages to multiple locations is done through smart contracts. Using Phantasma, it is possible to apply for file transfer, oracles, chats and emails over the blockchain.

It delivers a decentralized system for distribution of content working on the blockchain with a solid emphasis on security and privacy.

Phantasma, with the use of NEO blockchain, operates over a crypto wallet address. All contents kept in the wallet are owned by the users alone. No one, except the owner, of course, can view or get the encrypted content.

The Phantasma ICO raises funds to build an easy to use and privacy-focused kind of platform. The token sale date was May 27-28. Phantasma ICO price in each token was USD 0.23.

The SOUL token

SOUL is an NEP-5 type of token. It is the fuel and backbone of the network economy. It serves as the base of all economic incentives which bind the operators, producers, and consumers to each other. SOUL is an indirect representation of traveling amongst gates.  Customers use tokens to pay the developers and producers for the data.

After that, Node rewards will be redistributed to the entire node operators, including ordinary users and consumers. Hence, the ecosystem is built to promote the increasing usage of SOULs to all network participants with an appreciating perspective for the SOUL value.

You can buy SOUL token in accredited market exchanges now.

Phantasma Team and Founding Members

Sergio Flores and Miguel Ferreira are both engineer and co-founder of Phantasma. Flores is a blockchain consultant, smart contract expert and senior developer who successfully created Nacho men and Neo Debugger. Ferreira is a blockchain developer and experienced senior compiler.

Alexandre Paixão is also part of the founding team and the head of the product and marketing strategies. He is a marketing specialist, business and product developer. Sergio Pereira, an accountant, economist, entrepreneur and legal expert handle the business finance. Bruno Freitas is a mobile expert and engineer while software engineer Bernardo Pinho takes control of Quality Assurance. The one who makes the web and graphic designs are Rafael Barbosa. Attorney Arvind Alexander is the legal counsel of Phantasma on cyber and corporate matters.

The team has four principal technical advisors namely Fabio Canesin, Fernando Toledano, Gordon Hall and Neeraj Murarka. Three great personnel make up the business advisors. One of them is Ian Balina. He is a successful investor and influential advisors in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Etiënne Vantkruys is the Token Research Group Director and Wanchain’s Business Development Head. He is the advisor of Gochain too. One last business advisor is Laurence Seidle, an expert on the blockchain, business expert, and entrepreneur.

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