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Persuasive Reasons for Switching to Cryptocurrency Trading

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Jun 18, 2021
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Exchanges that allow you to trade bitcoins for other assets, such as digital and fiat currencies, are known as cryptocurrency exchanges. This kind of an exchange functions as a middleman between buyers and sellers, earning money through commissions and transaction fees. $100 may get swapped for a bitcoin of equal value on most cryptocurrency exchanges and vice versa. Similarly, you may trade a bitcoin worth $100 for an identical amount of Ethereum. You may use the same approach to a variety of assets depending on the exchange’s offerings.

More Private Transactions

Each time you make a transaction in a cash/credit system, your entire transaction history may become a reference document for the bank or credit agency involved. At the most basic level, this can entail double-checking your account balances to verify that you have enough money. A more extensive investigation of your financial history may be necessary for more sophisticated or business-critical transactions. A significant benefit of cryptocurrencies is that each transaction is a one-of-a-kind trade between two people, with conditions that may be discussed and agreed upon individually. Furthermore, information gets sent via a “push” method, which allows you to deliver just what you want to the receiver – and nothing else. It safeguards the privacy of your financial records and keeps you safe from the risk of account or identity theft that exists in the old system, where your data might get exposed at any stage in the transaction chain.

Whole Time Available

Crypto Exchange allows you to purchase and trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Of course, there are times when websites are unavailable, or the blockchain gets completely backed up. The 24/7 feature is handy for retail investors generally at work or otherwise occupied during market hours. It also leveled the playing field in terms of being able to respond to breaking events, such as China’s ICO crackdown. Traditional exchanges have “market hours” that limit your options. Institutional traders, of course, have access to all types of “pre-market” and “post-market” trading that regular investors do not. When actual people were dealing in the pit, “market hours” made a lot of sense. As the “before and post” markets demonstrate, there is no reason not to allow 24-hour trading. Of course, allowing some access to the “pre and post” gives them an unfair edge over others, and they may choose to maintain their own set of rules.

Enhanced Liquidity

Liquidity refers to how fast and readily an individual may exchange a cryptocurrency into cash without causing a price fluctuation in the market. Liquidity is vital because it allows for better pricing, quicker transaction times, and greater technical analysis accuracy. Because transactions become scattered over numerous exchanges, the cryptocurrency market is considered illiquid in general. It implies that even minor deals may have a significant influence on market values. Part of the reason why bitcoin markets are so volatile is because of this. When you trade bitcoin CFDs with IG, on the other hand, you may benefit from more liquidity because they source prices from many sources on your behalf—implying that you will do your transactions more rapidly and at a reduced cost.

Transparent Order Books

Many exchanges have visible crypto order books. For each of the assets you’re trading, you can view the depth of each market’s buy and sell sides. It means you’ll be able to see how the market is now doing and what would happen if you made a huge purchase. As a retail investor, you will not encounter order books unique to the exchange and can get offered as a value-added feature on traditional sales. However, for market makers, order book matching can be a significant benefit. The major goal of investment banks’ so-called “black pools” is to achieve this.

Ownership by Individuals

In a standard banking or credit card system, you hand over control of your cash to a third party who has the authority to give your assets life or death. For violations of a financial institution’s Terms of Service, accounts may be canceled without warning, causing you, the account holder, to jump through hoops to re-enter the system. The fact that you are the sole owner of the corresponding private and public encryption keys that make up your cryptocurrency network identity or address is perhaps the greatest of all cryptocurrency advantages. Unless you’ve delegated management of your wallet to a third-party service, you are the sole owner of the corresponding private and public encryption keys that make up your cryptocurrency network identity or address.

Finally, the robust encryption measures used throughout the distributed ledger (blockchain) and Crypto Exchange procedures protect consumers from fraud and account manipulation while also ensuring their privacy.

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