PayPal Can Prevent Your Children from Underage Gambling

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Aug 29, 2019
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Underage gambling is an issue all over the world. That’s despite the fact that regulations forbid children under 18 to play real money games.

How do they do it with all the safety precautions and mechanisms used by online casinos today?

In most cases, children use the personal data of their parents.

You might be sure that your kids would never do anything like that. Yet it’s always better to take extra measures for protecting your children and your funds than take a risk.

Luckily, PayPal can help you with that and keep things under control. Of course, if used carelessly, no amount of technology, encryption or safety measures are of any help.

However, if done correctly, PayPal can prevent all unwanted gambling activity.

How Do Children Access Casinos?

PayPal requires a bank account to allow a user to send and receive funds. So, if you don’t have a bank card, you can’t make a PayPal casino deposit.

Naturally, children who are under 18 usually can’t have bank accounts of their own. Even if they did, online casinos wouldn’t accept their funds.

Regardless of that, they still manage not only to deposit money but also to play the games and withdraw their winnings.


It’s all very simple. They use the PayPal logins of their parents, which gives them authorised access to their parents’ bank cards and money.

Up until now, a PayPal password has been the main layer of protection for accessing the e-wallet. It didn’t work at all times, though.

That’s why the government in the UK (arguably the most progressive gambling commission in the world) has come up with extra protection measures within casinos themselves.

These changes will see gamblers pass an additional threshold of identification within the casino. Thus, taking advantage of the parents’ saved passwords won’t be enough to do the trick.

How to Use PayPal Safely?

All this may suggest that PayPal isn’t the best option for protecting the minors from casino games. However, they’ve been known to use all sorts of payment methods, not just PayPal.

This includes other e-wallets, pay by phone and even wire transfer. So, it doesn’t say as much about PayPal’s safety as it does about the ingenuity of children.

Still, it’s easy to prevent them from this unwanted and, essentially, illegal activity. You simply need to take extra precautions when using PayPal.

The good news is that this e-wallet has the necessary set-up and tools. It’s all the matter of your willingness to use it.

All you have to do is remember your password and turn off the automatic log-in function. Don’t let the website remember it for you, as this essentially gives access to your account to anyone who can use your device.

You should also make this password unique. It must differ from all of your other passwords. If in doubt, you should also change it occasionally.

If you do this, nobody else but you will be able to gain access to your personal PayPal e-wallet.

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