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(Part II) How to Earn Crypto: 5 Ways You Can Freelance for Ethereum (ETH)

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Oct 2, 2018
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This is a follow up of the previous article (Part I) How to Earn Crypto: 5 Ways You Can Freelance for Bitcoin (BTC).

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for ways to earn Ethereum – the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Ethereum has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. It is now valued at around $300 per Ether. Unlike earning Bitcoin, there are very few legitimate ways to earn Ether, since Bitcoin is more popular than Ethereum.

There are many sites that pay Ether for doing certain online tasks. In this post, we want to teach you how to freelance for Ethereum. Please note that these methods don’t guarantee Return on Investment and may not work for everyone. Also, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

1. Ethereum Faucets

Ethereum faucets

You must have heard of stories from early adopters of Bitcoin who earned a lot of free BTC through a crypto faucet. Cryptocurrency faucets have been used since the inception of digital coins as a way to complete simple online tasks to claim free tokens. Some users have made a lot of money by taking advantage of these faucets.

Similar to Bitcoin faucets, users will receive small amounts of Ethereum as a reward for visiting the website. The user just needs to visit the Ethereum website and doesn’t have to perform any tasks. To start earning, visit the page and sign up for an account. You’ll then be asked to solve the captcha to prove you are not a robot. After solving the captcha and clicking claim, Ether will be added to your account. You can withdraw it later.

The reasons faucets pay free Ethereum tokens to users without needing them to complete tasks are numerous. They use ads on the faucet page to cover the reward expenses. The faucet will give out only a fraction of Ethereum token per visit. So, in order to earn a reasonable amount of Ethereum, you must work on several Ethereum faucets at the same time.

2. Sign up on free freelance platforms that pay with Ethereum

You can take advantage of freelance platforms that make it easy to get paid in Ethereum for your services no matter where you are in the world. One of the best places for freelancers to get paid in ETH is On this platform, you are given the opportunity to browse. The platform is similar to traditional freelance platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. It serves as an escrow between clients and freelancers (job seekers).

Another popular job board for the crypto space is Cointelegraph. It is not a freelance platform, but it offers up-to-date news articles regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Of late, the platform has started to connect their readers with job openings. Cointelegraph is a reputable site so you can be sure jobs posted on there are from genuine sources. They normally verify them before they are posted on the platform. Once you get an employer, you can choose to get paid in ETH.

Working for ETH is a great way to earn Ethereum. If you are a developer, coder, tester or writer, you can start earning in ETH right away by exchanging your services for it.


You can also earn ETH and Bitcoin through It is a popular site that has been featured by authority sites like Inc. The site pays people for replying to emails. Yes, you get paid to answer emails. They are paying you for your attention. However, you may not earn as much as a full-time freelancer.

4. Blogging on crypto websites

You can win ETH by writing and blogging on sites that pay their writers in cryptocurrencies. If you have a blog or website, you can monetize it. There are many crypto advertising platforms for webmasters looking to capitalize on their content. is probably the most popular advertising agency used by most cryptocurrency websites.

5. Trade Ethereum

The Ethereum trading is the best way to invest money in Ethereum and earn a profit. Buy ETH and sell it when the price gets higher. Coinbase is the best place to buy and sell ETH. While Ethereum trading is the fastest way to earn ETH, investing in cryptocurrencies involves very high risks, as prices have been extremely volatile. Invest what you can afford to lose.

Final words

Whether you want to work inside the Ethereum industry or just do some simple or complex tasks for ETH, there are many options available. The advantages of freelancing for cryptocurrencies far outweigh the disadvantages. You do not need a bank account, you do not need to provide your personal details or wait for days or even weeks to get paid. Also, you do not have to worry about foreign transaction fees.

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