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Hackers who infected more than one million computers in China have earned over $ 2 million worth of cryptocurrencies from the illegal mining activities.

A report was published on Monday, indicating that authorities in Da Lian city, China arrested 20 hackers accused of infecting a large number of computers in order to mine cryptocurrency.

Weifang City Public Security Bureau Netan Detachment and Qingzhou Public Security Bureau under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department, with the assistance of the Tencent Keeper Program security team, in accordance with the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department “Net Net 2018 Special Action” deployment requirements Successfully cracked the case of the “1.03” mega-illegal control computer information system. At present, 20 suspects were arrested, 11 were on bail, and 9 were arrested,” states the report.

Suspects have introduced malware within internet browser plug-ins created by their own for various illegal purposes. According to LegalDaily, over a period of two years, hackers have mined over 26 million DGB coins, DCR coins, and SC coins plus a value of over 15 million yuan were illegally stolen.

The plug-in included a Trojan horse program

The attack was identified by the Tencent Keeper Program security department in early 2018. They found a plug-in game that was endowed with a Trojan horse program and mining operations.

The police investigators said that criminals usually investigate the virtual currency that is difficult to dig in the market in advance, and illegally control the user’s computer host through cloud computing and video card cloud computing services, and implant the virtual currency mining program to mine. The user is unaware of this,” as reported by the media.

Respectively, when the computer was active, mining operations were silently executed. Once the program has mined a consistent amount, it processed the transfers and withdrawn money.

According to the report, hackers have developed a chain of over 100 agents who helped to promote the illegal mining program.

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