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An American multinational company working in the computer industry is ready to launch its blockchain-as-a-service platform, according to Bloomberg.

The California-based Oracle will launch its new service this month. Starting with June 2018, this will contain advanced features based on DLT – “distributed ledger technology“, said the news.

However, this isn’t an unexpected news coming from Oracle. The company isn’t in its first engagement in projects based on blockchain technology. In October 2017, the tech giant has launched its “enterprise-grade blockchain cloud platform“, noting that the company will adopt other technological methods that aim to support the development of its cloud services.

According to Frank Xiong, Vice President of Blockchain Cloud Service, the BaaS platform is designed for both small and large companies, as their costs will be based on the traded volume.

This blockchain platform will give [customers] a platform to extend their services beyond their enterprise bundle, which means they can extend them outside to their business partners, advantage customers and so on,” explained Xiong.

The decision to implement such a platform follows the moves of other giants such as Microsoft, IBM,, Baidu and Huawei.

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