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Several blockchain projects have been emerging these days. They focus on different industries with one aim to simplify and benefit the common individuals as what OneLedger would like to achieve.

OneLedger is a universal blockchain protocol and has envisioned to become a great contributor to the world’s technological innovation. As they have expanded their scope to be known and to be utilized, they are excitedly announcing that their native currency OLT is now part of KuCoin blockchain asset exchange market.

OneLedger OLT is now available for deposit with trading pairs such as OLT/BTC and OLT/ETH. Buying of OLT commenced at 21:30 (UTC+8) and Selling/Withdrawal at 22:00 (UTC+8).

A Better Insight About OneLedger

OneLedger is a cross-ledger agnostic protocol that facilitates high-performance scaling. It intends on contributing businesses with a blockchain development solution, which they will propose to simplify the production of a customized or niche blockchain for their domain. To make their solution universal, OneLedger will be advancing the use of side-chains to enhance interoperability among varying blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In order to achieve their goals, there will be various broken down features, such as a Smart Identity Management Platform, Blockchain Services, Chaincode Service, and their Programming Interface.

Smart Identity Management Platform

OneLedger can provide a master private/public key pair that is assigned to an identity, which can then yield access to any other public key that the character would have access. It will build a universal identity solution for the tracking and access of assets/information on a variety of blockchains.

Blockchain Services

OneLedger will be capable of creating a side-chain on the OneLedger consensus protocol to be customized to that client’s demands. For instance, they can generate various degrees of permissions/access. Using the Identity Platform, clients can create different levels of access for trusted users to access their blockchain.

Chaincode Service

OneLedger is developing a software development kit to accommodate businesses launching dApps on many platforms the background to create a “Master Smart Contract” which will define the smart contract written in any language of choice when necessary.

Programming Interface

APIs will be made available to create a set of desired functions for the client, enabling them to register new users, question the blockchain, etc.

Another core element of OneLedger is its business portal. The portal will allow business clients to develop every section of their blockchain solution.

In addition to the itemized services, they will also incorporate the ability to combine with independent module developers to satisfy the niche needs of a business. The whole process will be made open for the security and integrity of all parties involved.

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