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“Think Next” Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai conducted its third cohort alumni enterprise exhibition event on 21st June and awarded Onchain for its developments in the blockchain ecosystem.

Back in February 2018, Onchain was nominated by Microsoft for its work in the international blockchain industry. Microsoft Accelerator nominates twice a year for certain companies to get access to Microsoft’s innovations and entrepreneurship resources, financial assets, strategy advice, and important clients.

Onchain is the company which developed Ontology [ONT], being backed up by Da Hongfei, Erik Zhang, and Li Jun among other. Onchain also offers consortium blockchain improvement management, and a year ago was financially funded by Fosun Group, one of the biggest private conglomerate in China. Microsoft Accelerator is a program that bestows notable new businesses with assets and funds to help in developing their endeavors.

At the event, a VP of Onchain, Yang Wentao gave an important speech regarding the central valuations of the blockchain, issues in how the technology is used, and Ontology’s trust and contribution.

“Members of Ontology ecosystem can be categorized into four parts: community, individual, entity authentication system providers, and industry application system providers. We hope to attract technology talent from domestic and international institutions and communities, and in the meantime enhance interaction and training through community cultivation. Individuals can engage in Ontology’s distributed identity management and join the community to provide support and improvement suggestions,” said Yang Wentao.

Microsoft Accelerator is a branch of Microsoft which focuses on corporate ventures. The venture has dedicated $500 million for the following two years to provide joint sales arrangements with startups, as well as access to Microsoft’s technology, and new user sector which will further cooperation across local and global networks.

Onchain will push on further by putting emphasis on blockchain advances and creating the revolutionary trust cooperation platform through Ontology’s development.

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