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Binance is active! One of the world’s most influential crypto exchange platforms denies all the gossip about a possible hacker attack which occurred these days.

On 7 February 2018, the crypto exchange Binance announced on its official Twitter page that because of system’s maintenance operations, the platform will be temporarily inactive. Their statement showed like this: “A system maintenance is in progress, some users may experience a temporary decrease in exchange performance while this in underway. Thank you for your understanding.”

A few hours later, the CEO Changpeng Zhao has mentioned in another post that they have incorrectly calculated the time required to carry out all the necessary operations, so the process will take about 10 hours.

The platform has been inactive for trading cryptocurrency until 9 February 2018. This has created a revolt among the users because of their inability to access the personal funds and the failure to complete some orders.

The platform wasn’t hacked!

Of course, there have been many rumors about the platform having suffered a hacker attack. The programmer, John McAfee was the one who has aroused the dissatisfaction among the users, mentioning that While I have no hard evidence, rumours are flying among top crypto influencers that they may have been hacked. Will keep you informed!

However, the CEO of Binance immediately responded to all the rumours. He tweeted a picture and wrote that “All because this didn’t do what it was suppose to do. Not hack.

It seems that John McAfee wasn’t satisfied with the answer he received, so he argued back that “I’m sorry but I have received dozens of reports similar to this. Not trying to create FUD, just trying to understand.”

What’s your opinion about Binance’s temporarily inactivity?

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