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 The news that New Zealand is developing a number for global blockchain developments might have gone unnoticed by many, as most of the crypto world’s focus was on countries such as Germany, Russia, or South Korea.

FintechNZ general manager James Brown, explained that many companies are working with New Zealand to improve and develop blockchain technology.

“There are a growing number of blockchain launches involving Kiwi firms including Blockchain Lab NZ which had helped raise over NZ$410 million through initial coin offerings […] we are involved in a global team which recently launched the world’s first ever blockchain platform for the multi-billion-dollar global online ratings and review industry,” mentioned Brown.

Obviously, fact is very unsurprising. Especially since blockchain technology making its way in various countries over the world, enterprises and businesses are just looking for an opportunity to make some profit from this emergent technology.

On the matter of regulations within New Zealand, there are currently no strict laws. No regulations could possibly give more freedom for the market to expand, mostly regarding local and international ventures. Brown has the same vision for the country, briefly discussing about the different blockchain plans and numbers that New Zealand has in plan:

“Kiwis involved included the 2017 New Zealand chief executive of the year award winner Leigh Flounders NZTech and FintechNZ chair Mitchell Pham and Blockchain Labs NZ chief executive Mark Pascall. The Blockchain platform Lina. Review will change an entire global industry and demonstrate how blockchain can solve real-world problems.”

Also, Brown said that the country is constantly trying to promote blockchain technology in all sorts of ways. There have been talks that one of said promotions will occur during the 2018 Finotec conference –which will take place in November.

Other countries that have shown great interest in blockchain technology include Sweden, Belarus, and Estonia. These three along with other countries, have been repeatedly display their support for the adoption of a decentralized payment system.

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