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No one can deny that the cryptocurrency boom is still going strong, despite prices for major coins having dropped slightly since the beginning of the year. Among the various key players in crypto, New Zealand-based exchange Cryptopia is one of those experiencing great success and growth. Since its launch in 2014, Cryptopia has now signed up over two million users and has successfully scaled internationally.

Major Growth

According to Cryptopia, this exchange has the largest range of cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. Additionally, within the past nine months alone, the exchange has increased its user base around the world by 116 percent. To facilitate this user growth, Cryptopia recently updated its website. These updates also included significant improvements to its platform, such as improved customer support processes, faster response times, and enhanced delivery of service. Within the same nine month period, Cryptopia also experienced a 389 percent workforce growth and now has over 90 employees.

Plans for the Future

The growth of Cryptopia does not end here. Instead, the exchange has grand plans for its future. The platform will increase various functionalities, including the capability to support even more languages. It will also enhance compliance and security requirements to ensure they remain in line with Know Your Customer processes and New Zealand regulations. Cryptopia already prides itself on providing a high level of security, providing users with a secure end-to-end experience thanks to the strict requirements for new coins to be listed.

New Marketing and Sales Director to Guide Growth

The future plans of Cryptopia include its new director of sales and marketing Raj Wadhera. Previously, Wadhera was the director of digital transformation, marketing, and communications at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital. He has also had higher profile roles with major multi-national companies, such as being Microsoft New Zealand’s chief marketing officer, Vodafone New Zealand’s head of business, and Telecom’s enterprise channel lead. In addition to all those roles, Wadhera also held other executive and leadership roles within the United Kingdom and Australia.

Excitement for the Growth

Wadhera expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for his new role with Cryptopia, referring to the exchange as one of the most dynamic players in the crypto market. He hopes to make Cryptopia the global leader in the space.

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