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The Dash team has recently shared in a post made on Twitter a link that points to a new use case for its digital currency. Alt36, a new system which focuses on digital payments and record keeping for dispensaries in the US Cannabis Industry, will be partnering up with the blockchain.

Cannabis is legal in a number of states within the US, a total of nine which enable legal recreational use and a total of 29, in which medical cannabis can be bought with a doctor’s prescription.

Alt36 lets customers buy legal cannabis by using the Dash currency, through easy to use the mobile application, with transaction fees kept to a bare minimum by using the blockchain. The application also works as a Dash wallet, letting users buy Dash with US Dollars and make external transactions with the crypto coin.

Furthermore, Alt36 provides dispensaries with a real point of trade platform, a digital banking service and a platform on which the clients’ loyalty is recorded on the blockchain.

“This partnership will take cannabis tech to the next level and help all companies across the supply chain accept cashless payments and offer a reliable merchant solution to our 200+ cannabis POS clients,” says Christopher Dell’Olio, the CEO of Alt36.

This news appeared to have positively impacted Dash, boosting its price. The cannabis industry is very big in the United States, and through Alt36, Dash can be used and spent in a new way, giving more people access to cryptocurrencies.

At the time of writing, Dash was trading at $451.26 USD and is up 13.40%.

Of course, in the past Dash has gone way beyond the $1,000.00 mark, but its current value does indicate that Dash will be reaching this sum once again, but one should contemplate the effects of this collaboration. In theory, this partnership should increase trading volume and of course, thus increasing the market capitalization of the currency.

While this subject continues to be controversial for the most of the world, this is a big development for Dash within the United States.

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