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Itadaki Dungeon, a new Japanese game which rewards its players with bits of real bitcoin, has seen a rapid increase in popularity.

Among the 3,000 courses of the game are hidden micro bitcoin payments that recompense players for completing in-game quests. An app that runs on both iOS and Android systems, Itadaki Dungeon, is a free game that is full of thousands of underground levels layered with perils and prizes.

This game replicates the Dungeons & Dragons medieval settings, and in these settings you need to slay monsters by using an assortment of weapons and tools.

A different in-game reward

Atstage Inc., the company behind the game, is following in the footsteps of other Japanese video game makers, incentivizing players with cryptocurrency rewards. In a country obsessed with gaming, many current Japanese mobile apps and games now reward users with small bits of bitcoins.

The game moulded itself on the protocols of Bitcoinbandit, a mobile game that gives players in mBTC (a thousandth part of a bitcoin). In Bitcoinbandit, when the player enters tournament mode, they have the possibility of earning amounts of the virtual currency, and experienced players can earn significant sums.

Another similar game is Counterstrike Global Offense which gives digital pay-outs in Digibyte. Spells of Genesis, the altcoin network behind the game also has integrated cryptocurrency rewards.

The Pokémon franchise had the game Pokébits which also lets players earn bitcoins. In the game, you complete missions on familiar Pokémon arenas and you are rewarded with satoshis.

In Astage’s game, a player goes through its levels and small bitcoins appear, and the player’s character snatches them and stores them along with other game items. Even though the game offers only micro parts of BTC, players typically become very capable in almost no time and start collecting as much crypto as they can.

An Asian gaming trend

Atstage’s Itadaki Dungeon scored a 4.1 rating on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. Previous games such as Itadaki Street and Dragon Quest from the same creator have generated a wide reception for the latest release.

The official info given by the developers is: “Test your skills in an expansive dungeon with 3,000 underground levels.” The game currently hands out bitcoin payouts on the 400th of the 3,000 courses.

Once a player has made a BTC symbol appear on screen, only when you grab it you will know how much the catch is worth. Even though the game is free, these rewards are unlikely to make anyone an overnight millionaire, as the bitcoin values are significantly small. But seeing as the game is free, and it represents an emerging trend in Asia, it has become extremely popular in very little time.

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