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New Investment Made in Crypto Mining by Russian Businessman

It is known that China is the largest and most powerful country in the world, relating to Bitcoin mining operations. It seems that things can change faster than we think.

China has lower prices for energy and this is the suitable advantage that allow them to mine a lot of cryptocurrencies at lower prices.

The magazine RT published some news on 13 January 2018 that specify the interest of a Russian businessman in cryptocurrency mining.

His name is Aleksey Kolesnik and he bought two power stations to build a Russian crypto empire. One of these is located in Perm and another one in Udmurtia. He confirmed all the gossips. The stations are supposed to be redesigned in powerful data centers.

How much did he pay for this?

Aleksey Kolesnik paid around 3 million US Dollars for both power stations.

When will he launch its cryptocurrency business?

This information is still under process. No one knows for sure when he will launch his new business. For Russia, this can be a suitable moment to develop the blockchain system. The country doesn’t have rules (yet) about cryptocurrencies. This mean that everyone can take the place of Aleksey Kolesnik.

Will the Government accept this?

The Government had a meeting last week and decided to implement a rule that will adopt the cryptocurrency systems in the country.

The Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev argued for local media RNS that “This is about the fact that buying and selling cryptocurrencies will be somehow standardized. The general idea is that it will be necessary to buy and sell on official exchanges, as it will be declared, it will be legalized.”

The President of Russia- Vladimir Putin, had already proposed to introduce a common cryptocurrency that will be adopted by BRICS and EEU members, related the RT magazine.

Will mining activities be charged?

Well, even if Russia is preparing to adopt rules regarding cryptocurrency, no one will be excluded from taxes.

What do you think, what changes will occur after launching those two power station- mining centers?

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