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NEO will start its first move towards decentralization today, Wednesday, July 4. The move, which has been in pending for some time now, was announced through an update on the coin’s official Twitter feed.

The decentralization process signifies a very important move for the global crypto economy seeing as NEO happens to be one the most used coins in circulation.

What Does This Revelation Mean for The Community?

Details regarding the launch are pretty scarce for the time being as the original tweet, despite having attached a rough English translation, produced more confusion rather than clearing the matter.

The English translation stated the following:

“‘No innovation. No Decentralization. No communication.’

We’ve heard many voices of “No” over the past.

While the Market changes, NEO’s vision remains unchanged. From this first step of decentralization, a new era of NEO ecosystem is about to unveil!”

The only important information that could be derived from the laconic and highly -expected announcement is the date of the awaited big strategic move: July 4, 21:00 (GMT+8).

One likelihood is that the team supervising the change could release the nodes for the NEO network; although these rumors have not been yet confirmed in any way.

Price Increase

The ambiguous message that was made by the coin’s developing team has not stopped the community from being bullish on NEO, which is considered by many to be the “Chinese Ethereum.”

The price of NEO, which is ranked as the 11th largest cryptocurrency in circulation in terms of market cap, started rising right after the announcement was published. It experienced an increase of 12%, being the crypto that managed to gain the most on Tuesday.

The project is still at the beginning of its developmental journey which will foresee many advances along the way.

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