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Nasdaq Inc recently organized a closed-door meeting attended by its security experts and representatives from various crypto exchanges and other companies, Bloomberg reports.

Even though Nasdaq representatives were not too eager to comment in regards to the meeting, they did confirm that the event took place, also hinting at the possibility of future meetings.

Extra deals for Nasdaq

One of the most noteworthy attendees were representatives from Gemini, the popular exchange launched by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss back in 2016.

According to Bloomberg, the main goal of the gathering was discussing the implications of future regulations for cryptocurrencies, as well as what can and should be done in order to make the industry better. Another topic includes the tools and surveillance methods needed to regulate cryptocurrency trading more efficiently.

Not too long ago in April 2018, Gemini contracted Nasdaq showing great interest in its SMARTS trade monitoring technology. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss’ exchange hired Nasdaq to perform various types of market surveillance for both Ether and Bitcoin trading. The company is also responsible for conducting surveillance on the auction that helps price Cboe Global Markets Inc.’s Bitcoin futures.

Nasdaq’s quest for preventing market manipulation, illiquidity, and fraud continues

Adena Friedman, Nasdaq Chief Executive has been one of the main speakers at the hearing and has shared her thoughts about the need for crypto regulation. Last week, Nasdaq also disclosed that it is supplying technology to five major crypto exchanges, Gemini and SBI Virtual Currencies being some of the most prominent names. The rest of the companies have yet to be confirmed.

Nasdaq’s SMARTS technology is very appropriate for discovering unusual trading activities. This meeting, as well as future ones, may not only help Nasdaq’s image in the crypto trading and surveillance fields, but it also increasing the company’s involvement with some of the big players of the crypto exchange world.

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