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MyCointainer review: the easiest way to make crypto earnings

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Nov 19, 2019
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The world of crypto is full of investment opportunities, but choosing the right one is a daunting task, as many individuals that are new to this type of technology feel that they lack the knowledge to make successful crypto earnings.

An easy-to-access solution that has been specifically designed for crypto newcomers is MyCointainer. MyCointainer crypto staking platform enables users of all levels of experience to make cryptocurrency profits by earning rewards from staking a diversity of digital assets or by running the masternode of a crypto network.

By introducing new users to digital investments in a safe and secure manner, the MyCointainer platform will also further the crypto adoption movement on a global scale.

Frequent staking and masternode rewards

MyCointainer is an advanced cryptocurrency provider that was developed to support community staking and function as a masternode pool platform, which works to the advantage of users because they receive frequent rewards. By making use of the Proof of Stake protocols and masternodes of blockchain networks, earning rewards has never been easier.

MyCointainer staking platform collects the rewards generated by the respective PoS cryptos by staking them in a collective pool, which will yield higher rewards compared to what a user would make by staking on his own. The earnings cumulated from the pool are then distributed between the coin holders on the platform. Consequently, users will be able to increase their income faster, as the platform’s pooled coins will increase the frequency of rewards exponentially.

PoS networks give out staking rewards based on how many coins are held in your wallet with regard to the total supply of the network. If you have a relatively low number of coins, then, as a retail investor, you would have to wait for days and sometimes months to receive your reward. This also prevents investors from making money during the waiting period duration.

But the compounding effect of MyCointainer ensures that rewards are produced at a stable frequency, as the volume of the pool is much higher than any individual user would have.

FIAT on ramp

Because of regulatory compliances, not all crypto platforms offer fiat purchasing options. This is very inconvenient for a first-time user, as he will have to look for a platform that supports both fiat and his crypto of choice. If your crypto is not among the top 5, then you will most likely have a hard time finding exchanges that support fiat purchases.

MyCointainer app is one of the few exchange platforms that allow users to purchase cryptos using fiat currencies, including EUR, USD, and many others. Thus, users are not limited to making purchases only with cryptos, and they do not have to go through the hassle of going from platform to platform to get their cryptos.

Completely trustworthy

Even if cryptocurrencies present immense opportunities, there have been many scam operations that have stolen significant amounts of funds from unsuspecting individuals. As a result, many are wary of trusting new DeFi services that have been launched in the crypto market, especially if they are unregulated.

So is MyCointainer legit? MyCointainer is licensed and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit, operating under the license numbers FVR000557 & FRK000469, which allows the company to offer fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchange services, as well as crypto storage services. Is MyCointainer safe? The licenses ensure the secure environment to trade and exchange crypto and the cold staking option allows users to avoid online scam.

Wide selection of cryptocurrencies

MyCointainer’s exchange platform supports a great diversity of crypto staking coins, currently listing 140+ crypto assets, including Qtum, PIVX, Stratis, Electra, Neblio, Syscoin, Divi, Energi, and Bitcoin Plus.

No complex setup required

There are many PoS coins on the market, but, to new investors, the entire process of setting up a staking wallet or masternode can seem very overwhelming, especially if you lack tech-savviness.

MyCointainer takes care of these aspects for you, as you will not have to do any complex setup or wallet management. The DeFi platform handles all the technical aspects of the staking process, so you can focus on earning rewards.

Bonus: earning free crypto

MyCointainer gives plenty of opportunities to earn crypto for free, like airdrops and giveaways, referral program, and crypto cashback. Don’t miss a chance to start building your cryptocurrency portfolio by doing simple tasks like sharing a signup with your friends to get your first coins. Also, you can shop in most popular online stores like Amazon and earn cashback in crypto (up to 40%). They say “easy come, easy go”, but we say “better come, than not”.

Closing thoughts

MyCointainer reviews and improves crypto investment and trading giving users the possibility of earning rewards by taking part in their staking and masternode pool. Also, the release of their fiat to crypto exchange services enables users to easily access digital assets and get involved in the crypto revolution.

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