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We hear often news about the implementation of the cryptocurrency restriction rules. But what about the increasing number of hacker attacks? Do these two have any connections and proportionality?

7.000 Android and smart TV devices were infected in China!

Bad news! Thousands of Android and smart TVs were attacked by a Monero mining malware . These devices were first infected and then used as a mining equipment. The announcement was made by the researchers at Chinese cybersecurity firm called Netlab360.

Around 7.000 devices have undergone transformations in China these days. They were connected to a network that suppressed the processing power of the devices to mine Monero cryptocurrency.

On 4 February 2018, the cybersecurity researcher Wang Hui published on his website that “Affected devices are actively trying to deliver malicious code. We analyzed from these malicious codes found that most of the source device based on the android operating system”.

The analyst is convinced that attackers will continue to use this method to evade the needed resources for making money in a faster and easier way for them.

How was this possible?

The researchers argued that “the malware has similar capabilities to worms and uses the ADB debug interface, on port 5555, to spread. Once a device is infected, it will continue to scan the 5555 port to propagate further and find other devices with the same port open, such as Android-based smartphones, tablets, or television sets.”, replied

However, the attackers did not opened that port by themselves, but it was already open. Otherwise, this infection could turn the results into much worrying ones.

What platform should you avoid?

According to the researcher Wang Hu, he found that “There is a set of related malicious code where malicious samples of xmrig are involved in digging XMR tokens. The related configuration has two groups, based on two different pools, but shares the same wallet address:

  • Mine Pool Address: 5555 or pool Minexmr Com: 7777
  • Wallet address (mine account): 44XT4KvmobTQfeWa6PCQF5RDosr2MLWm43AsaE3o5iNRXXTfDbYk2VPHTVedTQH          ZyfXNzMn8 YYF2466d3FSDT7gJS8gdHAr
  • Pond password: x”

Try to avoid these addresses!

Do you think that Monero team could hide behind this attack?

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