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Medium, a popular online publishing platform, is seemingly enforcing self-regulatory policies after it suspended the posts of several cryptocurrency projects. Two blockchain projects also stated that posts by companies functioning in the crypto space are being constrained. The suspension of these pages could be due to a recently updated policy from the platform.

Why Were the Blog Posts Suspended?

Medium temporarily suspended the account of, thought the site was back up again shortly after. But it appears that its most recent blog post which was promoting its airdrop campaign now shows a blank page with the “This page is unavailable” message.

Status (a messaging platform based on Ethereum) encountered the same restrictions when they attempted to publish a post that announced its latest updates. The company said that the post was suspended instantly, after which they received an automated email from the platform that said the post was in violation of its new policy concerning cryptocurrencies. No additional details were given by the platform.

Status later gave some explications in their post “Status, Medium, and Censorship,” listing the words which they believe were to blame for the restriction.

“Though we had not violated any of these policies, we re-submitted several revisions that carefully edited out any potential trigger words, like “bounty,” “ETH,” and “SNT.” The post was never successfully published,” read the post.

When Was the Policy Updated?

The update in policy might have occurred long before the companies noticed the changes. Medium made their last change to the policy in February this year. It is quite ironic that a site that touts itself to be a “free and open platform for anyone to write their views and opinions” and proliferated the notion that “free expression deserves a lot of leeway, so we generally think the best response to bad ideas is good ideas, not censorship.” Now it seems the site removed the aforementioned lines, and it currently reads that it has the power to “remove any content you post for any reason.”

This move could signify the beginning of downwards path for the publishing platform, seeing as it was as it was one of the few online media outlets that weren’t regulated. Many online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, have implemented strict bans to remove anything that had to do with cryptocurrency and ICOs. It can be very possible that Medium’s restriction on the cryptocurrency sector will carry on and might be even more restrictive in the future.

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