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The authorities have revealed new details about one of the biggest thefts in Iceland, managed by suspect Sindri Thor Stefansson.

As Chinese police seized 600 mining devices, the Icelandic authorities decided to send an inquiry to find out if the mining computers correspond to those stolen by Stefansson, according to RUV. The mining computers have been confiscated after the local authorities have identified a high electricity consumption, as reported by Xinhua News.

According to the news, the latest Chinese consumption may be the “largest power theft case in recent years“. The miners have made some changes to the electricity meter in order to avoid paying the full amount of energy consumed by mining computers.

If the energy consumed by mining computers were included in the bill, the firm would have to pay “hundreds of thousands of yuan“, according to Xinhua.

However, it can’t be ascertained whether the computers confiscated by the Chinese authorities have any connection with the Icelandic theft. As previously reported by Coindoo, Sindri Thor Stefansson, the main suspect, has managed to steal “600 PCs, 600 graphics cards, 100 power supplies, 100 motherboards, 100 memory drives, and 100 CPU processors” from mining farms located in Iceland. The theft is estimated at $ 1,990,000 and has been declared by the authorities as one of the biggest thefts in Iceland’s history.

The Icelandic authorities announced a $ 60,000 reward to those who hold relevant information about the localization of mining computers.

As previously reported, the main suspect, Sindri Thor Stefansson, was arrested in Amsterdam and sent back to Iceland in late April.

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