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Apr 16, 2018
4 min reading time, the ingenious blockchain-based data storage and transfer system, is stepping into a new stage: the project will initiate its own token sale on April 16, and throughout that, it’ll issue the practical token MASP.

The primary purpose of is to end the cloud storage-related problems. As we all know, this is currently in the hands of great online powers like Dropbox, Google, Box, Microsoft, and Amazon; and the higher the popularity of such services for both private and business use, the higher the risks of data loss or theft.

At this point, we can also count on decentralized solutions on the market, such as Storj, MaidSafe, Sia and many more, which are becoming increasingly used. These services use distributed storage and deep encryption, which significantly diminish the chances of any leakage of confidential information. Therefore, a user using a decentralized platform can rely on the fact that it is self-governed and there is no centralized power. Unfortunately, so far, these decentralized services have also had some weaknesses, mainly because they do not have the necessary equipment, all the information being on the private computers of the network users.

The arrangement was to build up a framework that could hold every one of the benefits of the decentralized approach — accessibility, security at all levels, and anonymity— and still guarantee more prominent data integrity with high operational speed and strength. “Our goal is to create a new impression of decentralized data storage systems,” says project creator Alexander Rakhmanov.

The platform works as a marketplace: customers look over among a few offers from hosting providers, analyzing both the lowest price and the contractor ratings. The data is stored on professional equipment, which makes them available at any time. Supplies are offered a chance to lease out unused capacity, while the clients get a dependable framework for information storage and transfer at a modest price. The payment will be made depending on the amount of disk space used. Notwithstanding the standard benefits of cloud storage, likewise offers the opportunity to directly distribute digital content with verification of copyright.

The information is encoded and put away in a decentralized manner: when the files are transferred to the platform, they are divided into several pieces and protected by a high-level encryption. If someone wants to access them, they will need a particular key. The platform is developed in such a way that all users are anonymous and have the same rights. No one has to create an account because the addresses (the wallets) are used to sign in. Customers can utilize proxies, as well as create data backups by picking a few contractual workers.

During the ICO, wants to raise 15 to 50 million dollars. The amount will be used to develop, test, and finally launch the platform, attracting customers and contractors. In order to use the platform, a base adaptation of the product (a web application) will be made, along with other several software versions for mobiles.

The MASP token is primarily based on the Ethereum blockchain, and the emission is governed via a smart contract. MASP is an effective token used for submitting the security deposit once contractors enter the system. The value of 1 MASP token will be US $0.35. Payment can be made via Visa or MasterCard, as well as in BTC, BCH,  LTC, ETH, ETC and Dash. The minimum transaction amount is US $35, with no upper limit.

In addition to digital coins, two other decentralized services, Sia (SC) and Storj (STORJ), can also be used to buy tokens. “We want to support the entire decentralized data storage market and give those who are already familiar with this technology the chance to appreciate’s innovative approach,” says Rakhmanov.

There is no restriction on the number of MASP tokens that can be bought during the ICO, but their issuance will cease afterward. The MASP issuance will be between April 16 and May 27, 2018.  Once the ICO is finished, the tokens will be traded on exchange platforms. Considering that the MASP token is essential for the platform to work, its development will sustain an increase in demand and, with it, an increase in its price.

Investors will receive a reward if they choose to buy tokens in the first two weeks of the ICO. The bonus will be 25% in the early 24 hours, 15% in the first 2-11 days and 10% in the first 12-14 days of the ICO.

You can discover more about the project from their website.

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