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Danish citizen Jonas Hornehaj has sold off all his possessions, which were purchased with his earnings made from bitcoin and he has now embarked an adventurous world tour with his girlfriend.

Crypto Craze Unleashed- Globetrotter Funding

24-four-old Jonas Hornehaj is currently going around the world with his lover on a monthly budget of $2,800.

Copenhagen- born Hornejaj left home with around $2,000 but invested $1,000 in bitcoin. The investment proved to be profitable as he has used the profits to pay for travel expenses, allocating a monthly budget of $2,000-$2,800.

“I sold all belongings I could – couch, bed, cupboards, TV, shoes (I love sneakers). Playstation – anything I could sell online, I did,” he stated.

A steady job also means a steady income, but many at times it leads to a life of dullness and routine. This bitcoin enthusiast decided not to follow this path and choose how he wanted to live his life.

“I wanted to get rid of the thought of that life will be a 9-5 I knew years ago that that wasn’t the life for me. With that in mind, this seemed like the best possible time for me to set off. I still have student debts, I still have debt in my bank, but I wasn’t concerned about any of that, because I believe in myself.”

Crypto Trading Is Not for Everyone

Jonas may be profiting enormously from the liquidity and volatility of bitcoin for the time being, but cryptocurrency trading is not an endeavor that is suitable for all individuals.

In February of this year, a 20-year old Korean student, Kang Dong-Pyo killed himself after losing over 200 million Korean Won ($186,000) when the entire cryptocurrency market saw a massive drop that was generated because of the regulatory crackdown on initial coin offerings and digital assets.

But unlike Kang Dong-Pyo, Jonas completely acknowledges that the crypto markets have an extremely volatile nature and has decided his mind to hodl on, regardless of what challenges he may face.

“I didn’t have much money saved up at all, however, some of the money that I did save up in summer went into cryptocurrency,” he said.

“Now that is not something I promote as a way of making money simply because it’s so easy to either shoot it down as a Ponzi scheme or as a bubble or a wild gamble, however, with research, I found out a lot about the technology, the crypto space as a whole, and the implications it can have positively on the world,” added Hornehaj.

For the time being, Jonas was traveling in Hanoi, Vietnam and has stated that he had no intentions of settling permanently anyplace anytime soon. “I would like to see more of Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Japan, Nepal, Korea, China; the list for Asia is endless,” he commented.

It remains to be seen if Jonas will turn into a big crypto investor which will cause massive waves on the market, but at the moment his interests are to be free and continuing his world tour with his girlfriend.

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