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The Maltese Stock Exchange (MSE) has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange OKEx to develop a new security-tokens exchange, announced the MSE.

The collaboration was completed by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). In this way, the Chinese trading platform OKEx has committed to creating a regulated exchange in Malta. As reported on 19 July, the project will actually be deployed by three organization: the Maltese Stock Exchange, OKEx, and German blockchain-based Neufund.

The upcoming joint exchange, named OKMSX, will combine “OKEx’s digital asset operations and security expertise, along with the Malta Stock Exchange’s 26 year track record of operating as a regulated stock exchange,” reported a press release. According to it, the German company will take care of developing the alleged Equity Token Offerings.

Malta is on the cusp of becoming a centre of excellence within the global digital innovation landscape,” MSX Chairman Joe Portelli explained, adding that:

“…These partnerships leverage our expertise on the compliance and regulatory front to truly be a trailblazer within the security token sector.”

Malta- The Blockchain Island

The project is the latest move on the country’s way to becoming a “Crypto Nation” and deplores international competition. As previously reported by Coindoo, three new blockchain-based laws entered into force earlier this month, giving Malta the title of the “Blockchain Island“.

Malta is widespread as a crypto-friendly destination. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by 24-hour traded volume Binance, which moved to Malta in April, revealed its plans to develop in collaboration with German company Neufund the first decentralized “global community-owned bank” in the world.

Regarding the MSX partnership, Neufund CEO and Co-founder Zoe Adamovicz explained that: “The aim of our collaboration is to build the world’s first regulated decentralized global stock exchange, which will provide much-needed liquidity to business entities around the world”.

I look forward to our pilot project, which will help us to test the market’s reaction and realize overall project idea in an environment with minimized risk,” he added.

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